5 Photos You Shouldn’t Post As Your Dating Profile Picture

By: Mariel Norton |

They say that a first impression is a lasting impression – and given that profile pictures act as the first point of reference on a dating site, it’s important to ensure that it becomes a deal maker and NOT a deal breaker.

Ready for the five fatal flaws favoured by many a fledgling photographer? Let’s hope your picture hasn’t committed any of the following sins…

1. If you’re going to post a selfie, make sure you don’t accidentally capture your smartphone/camera/iPad in the shot.
We’re all guilty of taking a selfie at some point in our lives – where it’s too good an opportunity to turn down and we MUST strike while the cameraphone iron is hot. However, looking moodily into a mirror whilst awkwardly holding modern technology doesn’t exactly scream “date material” – so keep it natural and get someone else to take your photo. Or at least make the effort to hide your mobile phone out of view.

2. Getting Instagram-happy.
LOSE. THE. CONTRAST. We know its filters can make even the worst of us rival even the most beautiful of supermodels, but let’s be honest – we don’t walk around 24/7 in X-Pro II shades or carry borders around in our everyday lives. So try and keep it natural, because despite the mantra of “the camera never lies” – sadly, many online dating photos are simply a ‘trick’ of the light.

3. Keeping it ‘un’-natural.
So a photo of you crouching/lifting weights is you in your natural state, huh? Unless you’re genuinely scared of standing/live in a gym, then lose the trying-too-hard approach; because meeting in real-life, you’d never dream of adopting a squat position/bringing a barbell along to your date (we hope).

4. Awkward action shots.
You want to show the world – and your potential beau – that you had the time of your life snorkelling/bungee jumping/sky diving? That’s great! So long as the thrill-seeking photo is of you seeking the thrill, and not the other way round – because there’s nothing more off-putting than having the living daylights scared out of you. With photo evidence to haunt you (and your potential beau).

5. Animal magic.
Win over your army of dates with a shot of you showing your caring side – in particular, you stroking the world’s cutest puppy. But with the danger of being upstaged by man’s best friend, said puppy could result in being your own worst enemy – with visitors more inclined to crush on the puppy than on that adorable face of yours.

While all five tips offer different valuable insights, the overall theme is to be natural. We all want to make our profiles as popular as possible, in the hope of attracting the best possible match – but if you can’t live up to the hype of your profile, then there’s a strong chance that your date’s high expectations may come crashing down to the stark reality of it all.

So ask your friends and family to help you out, and get their opinion on what photos bring out the best in you – because whatever it is they see in you is likely to be noticed by others. Happy dating!