5 Impressive Ways to Make a Mature Man Like You

By: Len Cruz |


So you found the man of your dreams. We are very happy for you! Now, your next logical move, obviously, is to conquer him; make him like you. Then, eventually make him fall madly, truly and deeply in love with you.

It takes some effort, but it can be done! First, we want you to open your mind and wholeheartedly accept the fact that you can do it. Doubts are for wimps. Are you a wimp? Thought not! Mature dating isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Shake your hands, wiggle your body, get a creamy cup of joe and read the words that will bring you to home run. Ready? Here we go.
Be feisty

Men find feistiness a desirable trait in women. Feisty with a good heart is the best combination. We are talking about being naturally feisty, not uttering pugnacious remarks just because. Women who are constantly fiery are just mean and nothing more. You have to unleash your catty side when the need arises and show him that “hey, I’m nice but I can rip your balls off and feed it to the dogs if you double cross me.” A true (mature) man appreciates and respect a woman who is not submissive at all times.
Be a challenge

Not being in the stage of prime years is not an excuse to have the I’m-begging-you-to-please-take-me attitude. You still have to know how to play the waiting game. Not too long, but long enough to make him go crazy and build up his desire for you.

You have to show him that you’re open to being with him, but you’re also fine if he doesn’t pursue you. Don’t answer every phone call, reply to his texts immediately or say yes to his every invitation no matter how much you want it. Don’t make him take you for granted. Be the standard that he will never forget.
Be mysterious

Make him wonder what’s underneath all that lovely façade of yours. Is she a bingo-loving lady by day and Wonder Woman by night? Allow him to decode your thoughts from time to time. It will make him want you more. Mystery adds allure and interest to one’s personality.

Don’t give all the details about your life. Don’t talk about your life since you were two years old or your problems with your previous husband or partner. You can do that once you’re comfortable with each other or have been together for some time.
Be confident

You always hear and read about how big confidence plays a part in the dating arena. It’s a bit redundant, but it’s also very true. We can tell you to constantly remind yourself that you are the best, the greatest and a goddess, but we both know that affirmation is one of the greatest ways to know your worth.

How? Ask 10 of your friends, acquaintances or neighbors to list down 5 things that they like about you and believe them. This is a feel-good technique that works. Do this before a date. It makes a lot of difference!

Be a good dresser

Dress properly and appropriately, please. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you should dress in a sack of potato every single day. Do you know the power of a good dresser? Men are highly visual. They appreciate women who are well-dressed more than those who are not. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes or wear the best gowns for mature men to notice you. You have to wear clothes that fit you well and suit your body type; simple but 100% elegant.
Be healthy

We saved this one for last because it is the most important aspect in making a mature man like you. Healthy is not just about eating right or exercising. Being healthy is reflected in your overall aura and men will take notice of this. They like women – especially those in their late adult years – who take good care of themselves. Not only that, knowing that you are in good health will give you a boost in confidence!