How To Get Real Dates (Online!)

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Online dating can sometimes be more “online” than actual “dating.” There is an odd phenomenon of people who sign up for an online dating site, some even paying to get the most out of the service, but when it comes to getting out from behind the computer, it’s a no go.

Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about the weirdo behaviors of other people (especially online) but these no date online daters make it hard to find someone who does actually want to meet in real life. There are a few common denominators among them though, and by staying aware of certain behaviors, I’ve complied a list of things to watch out for…how to avoid the no date online daters among us! 🙂

When someone is genuinely interested in you online, they will want to meet you in person, soon. It’s the next natural step in the online dating game. If you find yourself talking to someone online, but there is never any talk of a real life date or you are ignored when you bring it up, abort mission. I’m a big fan of getting to know someone, but having a solely phone and internet based relationship is not “dating” and most definitely not worth your time or money.

A great way to find out if your online dating love interest is serious is to be spontaneous! For example, you and “John” have been trading emails, texts and phone calls for two weeks. You know that he’s free tonight, so you casually suggest meeting up for a cup of coffee. It’s a test of sorts. If he says no and doesn’t suggest an alternate meeting, proceed with caution. Sidenote-spontaneous dates can actually be the most fun because there is simply no time for all that nerve racking pressure to build up!

When you’re checking out profiles online, keep an eye out for those with similar interests to you. If you both like to do a lot of the same activities, meeting up and doing one of these activities together should be easy! Nobody is forced to venture too far outside of their comfort zones, and by choosing to do something you are both comfortable with keeps awkwardness at bay. I think that so many people get completely freaked out by the premise of a first date that they end up cancelling at the last minute, so it’s important to remember that this whole thing is supposed to be FUN!

And dolls, if you are one of those who cancel on your first dates all the time…just GO.  Take a chance, and turn off the computer for a few hours-it will be there waiting if this one doesn’t work out. 🙂