Going Behind Enemy Lines: One Man’s Answers to the Questions Every Girl Wants to Know

By: Josie |

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes on in a guy’s head when he doesn’t call you back? When looking for inspiration for this week’s blog post, I managed to pin down a good male friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous!) and interrogate him on all those things that girls wish that they knew about the opposite sex and the world of dating. So, without further ado, here are the answers to all of life’s dating questions – wonder no more!

(Anonymous is a 20-something British guy who works in the media industry. His views are his own and – of course – not those of every man in the world but hey, it’s fun to pretend.)


1. Should a girl ever ask a guy out?

Absolutely! The only thing I would add is that it should be in a casual way; almost as if you don’t care whether the answer is yes or no. You don’t want to come across as desperate or needy, checking to see if we’ve replied every five seconds. But yes, don’t be scared to ask.


2. When should a girl worry if a guy doesn’t text back?

There’s no definitive rule of thumb but he might leave it a day to seem like he’s playing it cool – but no more than that! If he doesn’t reply during the next day, it’s safe to assume that he’s probably not interested. If he was interested, he would make sure you knew about it.


3. Do men ever want to know about ex-boyfriends or how many people a girl has slept with?

It depends. If it was a girl that I hoped would eventually become a relationship or I was already in a relationship with then I’d probably rather not know, because some things are better left unsaid. If a guy is persistent about asking you for your ‘number’, it’s probably because he’s paranoid that you’ve got a bit of a past.


4. How much do men judge your actions on a first date?

On a first date, men may subconsciously have a few mental tests to see what a girl is like. For example, as much as a cliché as it is, if a girl slept with me on the first date, I’d be less likely to think of her as a potential ‘girlfriend’, however much I liked her. We will probably also want to be the centre of your attention, so we’ll be checking to see if we have your undivided attention on a date.


5. What exactly do men share with their friends?

When it’s a girl we don’t care about like a drunken get together, we’re more likely to share everything with our friends! When I actually like a girl, I’d probably give a casual rundown of how a date went but not go into too much detail about how much I like them.


6. Do men expect to pay on a first date?

We’d know that it was probably expected of us and therefore we’d be prepared to – but we probably wouldn’t be happy about it! We like it if a girl at least offers to pay half, even if we don’t let you.


7. Do you care about what a girl wears on a date?

Yes we do! We like to see that you’ve made an effort for a date with us, but at the same time that it’s not too obvious. It’s the little details that make us take notice, like if your hair smells nice. Clothing is important too, but obviously, it differs from girl to girl – whatever you feel good in, we’ll be able to tell.


So there you have it, a little insight into the mind of the opposite sex. Do you agree with any of the things that have been revealed here, or do you think that every person is different and can’t be judged by their gender?