Why Dating Someone In a Uniform is Sexy

By: Simone Paget |

Years ago, before I was a writer who made her living writing about sex, dating and relationships on the internet, I trained to be a flight attendant. I completed my course, got certified and spent one week working for my former employer before I decided to take a desk job instead – a decision I never regret. Being a flight attendant was not for me, however whenever I tell men I meet about my former job their ears immediately perk up and their eyes get wide. In fact, when I announced to my boyfriend at the time that I had quit my flight attendant gig, his first question was “Do you get to keep the uniform?” It’s undeniable that uniforms have a certain sex appeal. In fact, there are whole websites devoted to uniform dating.

Walk down the costume aisle of any Halloween or adult novelty store and you’ll notice that a huge percentage of the outfits for sale are uniform inspired. From fireman, police officer, nurses to the ubiquitous French maid – we really, really dig uniforms. The Village People really were on to something. Whether you’re gay, straight, male or female – the appeal of the uniform is universal. I mean, who hasn’t fantasized at least once about being rescued from a burning building by a gorgeous fire fighter or hand cuffed to the bed by a hot cop?!

However, one thing I have noticed is that the mass sex appeal of uniforms is usually only reserved to certain kinds of uniforms. We seem to revere police officers, fireman, doctors, nurses and the military – a Burger King employee uniform and hair net…not so much. (However, if you lust after the people who serve your fast food – go for it!)

The fascination with men and women who wear uniforms goes deeper than naughty nurse and sexy cop fantasies. It all comes back to what these uniforms represent. Police officers, firemen, medical and military professionals deal with life and death situations in their line of work. They sacrifice their time, often risking their own lives to keep ours safe. There’s something incredibly appealing about someone who is willing to make that kind of sacrifice. Whether you’re attracted to the actual uniform or not, the qualities that are required to do those jobs – responsibility, commitment, intelligence – are qualities many of us desire in mate. Uniformed professionals are like our modern day knights in shining armour – and really, it doesn’t get any more sexy than that.

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