Ladies First? Do you initiate the online dating conversation?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Has this happened to you? You are browsing profiles and you stop dead in your tracks (er…mouse tracks?). The profile is witty. Clever. You share the same interests. And wow – he’s quite the looker. But what do you do next? Do you hope he views your profile and sends you a message? Or do you take the first step and get the ball rolling yourself? Here are my tips!I think even in today’s modern times, females can hold back on making that first contact. Initiating communication can be a scary thing – what if he doesn’t respond? It’s totally normal to feel that way…but it’s time to throw those feelings out the window!

If you might smile coyly at a cute guy across a crowded bar, then what is holding you back from sending a simple “I liked your profile!” message? Take a chance, and be direct-plus, if you don’t get a response, it’s NOT the end of the world…there are plenty more fish in the sea!  There is really nothing to lose…and everything to gain.
Here’s some easy, no pressure ice breakers. Send one to the next great profile you see and let us know what happens!
*I liked your profile! Tell me more.
*Great photos. Where was that (beach, snow, mountain) photo taken?
*Your profile made me laugh…in a good way!
*How is your week going? (Simple and easy)
*We seem to have a lot in common-I’d love to get to know you more!
*Where is your favorite place to hang out around here? (Establishing common interests)
*Did you grow up around (city they state on profile)…I did, too!
*So, do you come here often?

Well…maybe not that last one.

Ladies, do you wait for the man to initiate the online dating conversation? Men, how do you feel when the woman takes the reins?