What To Do If Feelings Develop.

By: Elizabeth Marie |

You know how it happens-you intend to date someone casually and all is going according to plan until someone starts developing pesky feelings, and things ultimately get stressful and complicated. Here is what to do when you find yourself falling for your casual date.

Before you panic or go declaring your undying love, take a deep breath and evaluate. Casual dating is so exciting and thrilling because you are free from the same pressures you would find in a serious relationship…that is why it’s so fun.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and imagine that a exclusive relationship would be as exciting and thrilling…news flash, it won’t. Seriously dating someone has it’s perks, but also it’s downfalls, and if you’re planning on being wined and dined for the rest of your life, you have another thing coming.  Are you really ready for all that?

It’s also important to evaluate why you were interested in dating casually in the first place. It’s fun, carefree and doesn’t get too complicated!  Reminders like these will reiterate why you don’t want to get seriously involved with anyone at this point and help keep your feelings at bay.

If you’re willing to put everything on the line and reveal how you’re feeling to the object of your affection be prepared for rejection…in fact, you should expect it.  If someone is casually dating, it’s because they want to and the fact that you have now developed feelings won’t change where they are in their own life.  Remember that casual dating is just that…casual.

Not to say that these things can’t work out, of course.  In the meantime though, enjoy this time.  Have fun and find freedom from all that serious relationship stress you were trying to avoid in the first place.  It’s natural to begin to become attached to someone you’re spending so much time with, but take it slow and don’t force the issue.  Better to wait and let him (or her!) become attached to you first. 🙂