How NOT To Flirt.

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Flirting comes naturally to some of us (ehem haha), and not so naturally to others.  Recently, I had a long talk with a few girlfriend about the silly things both girls and guys do all in the name of flirting.  If you’re dating, you’re flirting, and you should learn to do it well, or else it can backfire.  Here are a few things NOT to do.
Don’t Act Dumb.
Smart is sexy. I repeat. Smart is sexy.  Women do this a lot…acting ditzy and airheaded in an attempt to appear helpless, silly, fun, and not at all threatening is supposed to be attractive to men.  Ok, ladies?  Listen up, dolls.  Any man who is attracted to a helpless woman is not a man you want to be with.  If you have to change any aspect of your personality to date someone, he’s not the one for you.  Plus, what happens when you tire of having the I.Q of a baked potato and actually want to have an intelligent conversation-how long do you pretend for?  Answer-do not pretend. Do not pass go. BE SMART. Smart IS SEXY.
Don’t Be Mean.
Being playful and joking around is one thing-being an asshole is another.  It’s like in the 3rd grade when if a boy was mean to me, my mom would say “oh honey, he likes you”. Now, I don’t know if that is something parents are just programmed to say, but either way, we’re not in grade school and it’s time to put our adult pants on.  I love jokes, but I don’t like being insulted.  It doesn’t make me want to make out, you know? Save the intense, potentially hurtful stuff for another day-when flirting, keep it nice and…well, nice.
Don’t Abuse Your Body Language.
Body language is your best friend-let it do it’s sexy thing without ruining it.  Tossing hair, batting eyelashes, overbearing physical contact…this is flirting gone bad!  Body language should be natural, and it is maddeningly uncomfortable for everyone involved when you force it.  Grab his arm if it feels right, but don’t grab his ass.  Run your hand through your hair, but don’t give yourself whiplash tossing it around.  Eye contact is a great form of body language you should use while flirting.  Just don’t stare, being stalker isn’t a good look on anyone…keep it subtle! 🙂

What are your favorite ways to flirt?