How Often Should You Text Your Date?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

How often should you text your date?

It is easy to never be out of contact with your date. Not only do we have phones, but we have smart phones, and if we wanted we could be streaming, texting, calling or emailing 24/7. Aside from the fact that this is a little sad, it also means that there are a whole host of questions to answer about how much contact is OK, and how much is leaning more towards the obsessive!

So, how often should you and your date text each other? We discuss the options:

Every couple of days

This is the obvious amount for new daters. You know each other a little, you definitely hope to carry on the dates, so every so often before you meet up again you drop a text through to keep in touch. This is the ideal amount for people who may well not be exclusive, but who still want to show they are pretty interested.


Step it up a notch with the daily texts. It probably isn’t a good idea to text constantly if you barely know one another, but if you’ve been on a few dates the flirtation and desire to be in each other’s company may be enough to take you to the next texting stage. Text daily once you’ve been out a few times – and once you’ve kissed (or got darn close to it).

Multiple times a day

This is the option for regular daters. Or, possibly, if you’ve moved out of the dating realm and into that exciting area of “new relationship”. You are starting to really get to know one another, and the idea of being apart means that you don’t get to touch them! You need to share everything – from that first good morning, to the chat about what you’re having for lunch, right through to wishing each other sweet dreams at night. If you are both keen, this is exciting – but if you do this too early you’ll seem a bit over-committed!