Love Lessons From Romantic Comedies

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I love cheesy romantic comedies as much as the next girl…girl meets boy, there is always some kind of problem, a musical montage, and a dramatic ending. Oh, and we can’t forget the cliche’ yet awww inducing one liners-“To me, you are perfect” comes to mind. While these films definitely aren’t reinventing the wheel or providing viewers with a particularly exciting or shocking cinematic experience, I thought that there must be some truth to their standard story-lines.1. Love might be right in front of you.
How many movies have you seen where the romantic lead is lusting after someone…someone WRONG for her! The audience can see that the right person for him/her is right there-the best friend, the co-worker or overlooked classmate. When oh when will they realize that they don’t have to look so far to find love…maybe an hour into the film. 🙂

2. The “Bad Boy” Is Never Worth It.
Unfortunately, there is still some allure to the whole bad boy concept. For some reason, it’s entertaining to watch someone be treated poorly, only to finally realize that they don’t actually enjoy being treated like garbage. Let the actress on the screen learn this the hard way, but you? You should know-being treated crappy is NOT sexy. Bad is not good.

3. Happiness Starts With YOU.
One common theme in romantic comedies is the character’s realization that to be happy in love, they need to be happy in life. Bridget Jones’ journey of self discovery comes to mind-yes, there was the terribly dramatic love triangle with Hugh and Colin, but the real love story was the one with Bridget and Bridget alone. The audience watches as Bridget learns to love herself-therefore becoming even more alluring to the men. Remember, confidence is SEXY! She becomes so irresistable they fight in the street for her…I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind watching those two go at it in a fountain.

4. True love is worth fighting for.
This one is easy. Love isn’t always roses, puppy dogs, unicorns and butterflies. It can be hard, complicated and super messy…yet it’s always so worth it. Let go, hold on, act silly and believe…your Hugh Grant is out there. Or Colin. 🙂