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August 23rd, 2013 by Goran

The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week-August 23, 2013

Happy Friday! As the summer winds down, we hope you’re making the most of it with lot’s of outdoors dates. If you happen to be striking out in the online dating department, don’t miss the chance to get a free online dating profile makeover from one of our experts! But on to the good stuff…check out the best dating articles we’ve read this week, and leave your faves in the comments below!

1. If you’ve been dating someone for a few weeks or months, you might find yourself falling into a routine. Drinks, dinner, make-out session…and repeat. While routine has it’s merits, it’s important to keep things fresh and new, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Our favorite way? Plan a special date night! (CyberDatingExpert)

2. Sleeping with someone new for the first time is always a bit awkward, right? Our pals over at Betty Confidential have rounded up some hilarious first sex encounter stories from their favorite bloggers, including us! (BettyConfidential)

3. All first dates are not created equal at all! Which one of these 8 types of first dates have you been on recently? (Howaboutwe)

4. Very few things would cause me to abandon my beloved Diet Coke, but tell me that it might be impairing my sex life and I’m over it! Check out these top 10 foods that might be destroying your sex life. (Handbag)

5. Colleges and Universities everywhere are opening their doors this week…school is back in session! We love our college age readers and want to make sure you avoid making these common college dating mistakes! (Cupids Pulse)

6. Let’s talk about everyone’s #1 online dating nightmare situation. You are excited to meet someone you clicked with online in person…but when you show up, they look NOTHING like their photos. Sigh…but don’t worry, here is how to handle it! (

7. Even the happiest of couples fight from time to time. What’s important is how you fight. To avoid doing permanent damage, hold yourself back from saying these 7 things during an argument…even if you really, really want to! (Lovestruck)

8. This post was just too cute not to include! Have you ever wondered what Disney princesses online dating profiles would look like? Ariel is my personal favorite. (YourTango)

9. Sometimes, all this dealbreaker talk gets a bit out of hand. We all have our lists full of things we cant stand about the opposite sex. But hey, nobody is perfect…including me and you! Turns out, we’re all walking dealbreakers. Have you ever considered what qualities you have that someone else might consider a bright red waving flag? (TheFrisky)

10. Happy Birthday Kristin Wiig! Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman who is also hilarious?! Check out everyone’s favorite funny girl’s guide to love and sex, in GIFs of course. (POPSUGARLove)

What is the best dating article you’ve read this week? Share!

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