How long should you wait before saying “I Love You”?

By: Lauren Cooke |

It is one of the big questions on the dating scene. You have met a guy or gal that you really like. You have been on dates, spent time together, and likely as not you currently can’t keep your hands off each other. It seems more and more likely that those little inklings are correct – you are starting to fall in love. But how do you say I love you?

When is the right time to say I love you?
However, much as you are thinking it in your head, when is the right time to tell your new and exciting other half? How long should you wait before you drop the big L-Bomb?

Well, the official answer is simple – when you feel comfortable doing so. However, we all know that life isn’t quite that simple, and that a lot of other things come into play other than just the fact that you have fallen in love. The following little checklist should go some of the way to helping you work out when is a good time is to say “I love you”.

  1. Have you talked about the future of your relationship?
  2. If both of you are making references to time months or even years down the line then the likelihood is that you are both planning to be together for a while!

  3. Is your other half an affectionate person?
  4. There is nothing worse than making an impassioned declaration of love to someone who is very shy with their emotions. Closed-up people may need a subtler approach, or even to say they love you first.

  5. Have they told you they love you?
  6. If so, then any time is the right time, as long as you don’t sound like you are doing an “um, yes, me too” kind of response.

  7. Do you feel like you’ve known your date for a while?
  8. If you’ve only been together a month but it feels like you know them inside and out, then it may be the right time to tell them. However, if you are 6 months in and can’t remember anything about them, it probably isn’t the time yet!

  9. Finally, make sure you aren’t just in lust.

If your love is mainly physical with nothing outside of the bedroom, be careful before you declare lifelong commitment!

When do you think is the right time to say “I Love You”?