What Your Drink Says About You On A Date

By: Josie |

Got a hot date this weekend? Forget body language, outfit doubt and hot conversation topics, there’s one sure-fire way to learn everything you need to know about your date: from the drink they order at the bar! Not convinced? Well, without further ado, here we decode exactly what that drink is saying about your date – and what your own drink is saying about you!


Drinking wine on a date can seem like an excellent ‘safe’ choice, indicating that you like to play your cards close to your vest until you’re sure of a situation. A good wine can suggest your personality as sophisticated and classy (for both men and women) and if you’re something of a connoisseur, ordering wine can make for a great conversation topic!


As much as it shouldn’t matter, drinking beer on a date can have very different connotations for men and women. For men, a beer is a standard choice, suggesting comfort and even perhaps a little exertion of their manliness. For women however, as delicious as it is, drinking a beer will always hold connotations of being unfeminine and ‘laddish’. However, looking at this in a positive light, it suggests that you don’t follow the rules and like to think outside the box.

Whisky and Coke

Just like wine, whisky oozes sophistication and confidence. It suggests a person who really knows themselves, their likes and their dislikes and a personality that isn’t afraid to voice their opinion. Get ready for intellectual conversation and deep and meaningful chats – there’s something effortlessly sexy about a whisky drinker, don’t you think?

Gin and Tonic

A cult classic with a dash of lime, a gin and tonic is the middle ground between a sickly sweet cocktail and the possible pretentiousness of drinking champagne on a first date. One part old-fashioned and one part kitsch, its dry and straight-talking taste suggests that you’re the honest and refreshing type, with no messing around.

A Cocktail

Ordering a cocktail on a date can be a tricky one. You might think it shows that you’re crazy, adventurous and like living an exciting life but it can also be a little forward and over-the-top. Bear in mind what sipping a Sex on the Beach on a first date will be projecting about you and make up your own mind!


Ok, you might be one of those people that actually likes water and drinks it for more than just health reasons – but whatever you do, don’t order water on a date! Firstly, you’ll come across as cheap, boring and unoriginal and secondly, you’ll potentially make your date feel awkward about their own order. If you don’t like or drink alcohol, there’s plenty of orange juices or lemonades to keep things interesting!

So there you have it, a little insight into what your drink might be saying about you on a date. And of course, drink responsibly!