Where to Go On a Date In New York City If You’re Broke

By: Jess Downey |

Photo courtesy of  mandyxclear (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of mandyxclear (Flickr)

New York is an expensive city and that means dating here is also pretty expensive. If you’re not coupled off, you can easily spend over $100 a week just meeting for drinks and a quick bite. And if you are in a relationship sometimes dropping close to three figures on dinner just isn’t in the budget; especially when you’re planning a wedding. So here’s where to go on a date in New York City if you’re broke.

The Park

NYC has some really great parks. And before you scream “lame” at me, let me say it doesn’t have to be Central Park — I once went on a date in Fort Tryon Park and it was quite lovely. Feel free to pick something off the beat and path, but make sure there’s plenty of exploring to be done otherwise it’s just weird. This is awesome for a first date or anytime date. You can provide a fun a romantic atmosphere and not break the bank. In some cases you might hardly spend anything at all.

Groupon/Living Social deals

Though I am the type of gal who believes it’s never a bad thing to use a coupon on a date, it’s probably best once you’ve known the person for a little while. There are always deals popping up for things like cooking classes, wine tastings, and so on. The sky is the limit. You can pick something you’re both into or try something new.

Happy hours in Brooklyn

Admittedly, I am a little biased since I live in Brooklyn. But I truly believe the borough has some of the best happy hours. Lots of bars off a beer and a shot deal or half off cocktails. And afterwards, you can visit the Chip Shop for a quick inexpensive bite or even take a stroll through the park.

Street Fairs

This is one of my favorite parts about summer in New York City. Street fairs are everywhere and sometimes you just stumble upon them accidentally. Though a quick Google search will give you some lists of exact times and locations. Street fairs always make for great conversation and they’re perfect for a first date or anytime date.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Here you’ll get some of the best views of the city. It’s probably a good idea to go on a weekday/night or when it’s not tourist season that way you can make the most of it (and enjoy the romantic setting it can create). This is also perfect for a first date or an anytime date