Five Reasons Why I’ll Never Fake an Orgasm

By: Jess Downey |

Photo courtesy of  danielito311 (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of danielito311 (Flickr)

According to my Facebook and Twitter feed last Wednesday was National Orgasm day (though there is a whole lot of discrepancy as to if that’s really true of not). I saw a lot of talks about the big-o. Everything from how to do it right, to who has had the most, to who faked it the best. All of that really made me think about that whole faking thing because, you see, I have a pretty strict policy against it. And here’s five reasons why I will never fake an orgasm.

If you fake an orgasm, a guy may never know what to do to truly get you off.

I know that’s a little blunt and it might seem outrageous, but it’s true. If he continually does one thing and thinks it’s doing the trick, he’ll likely be utterly confused when suddenly it’s not working. And if you have to explain the fact that you haven’t actually been climaxing that will just make things incredibly complicated and really awkward.

A healthy sex life is important in a relationship.

No, healthy doesn’t mean that you should get off every single time, but you should some of the time.  You should also genuinely enjoy the things you do with your partner even if you’re not climaxing all the time. But regardless, if you’re never getting off that could have an impact on how much you enjoy having sex and fooling around with your partner. And that could lead you to avoiding sex altogether.

You should be able to talk about sex openly with your partner.

Sure, we don’t want our partner to feel embarrassed or like they don’t have the ability to please us. But you should be able to tell your partner what you like, don’t like, and/or want to try. You don’t have to tell them in a harsh way, but you should be able to be honest about whatever needs to be said.

I don’t know that many guys who really feel like a hero for getting a gal to climax.

That stuff only happens on movies and television. Sure we all feel a sense of pride for making someone’s toes curl, but that doesn’t mean a guy will feel less of a man just because he can’t get you to get off. Most guys also understand that every gal is different and likes different things. They also enjoy trying to figure out what works and what you like.

It just sounds, well, fake.

I’ve always felt there is something awful about the way it sounds. It’s kind of porn-like really. And maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought that would be obvious and make a guy feel worse because he knows you’re faking.