How To Ask A Girl Out

How to ask a girl out in 4 easy steps! :) Of course not every woman is the same, but I’d guess that most of us ladies have a few things in common when we’re deciding whether or not to go out with someone. ┬áHint fellas…it’s not about money, or what kind of car you drive. Hell, it’s not really even about what you look like-although sexual attraction DOES matter.

This might seem extremely basic, but I can’t count how many times my guy friends have thought a girl was out of their league, or just been to nervous to even ask her out. You won’t know unless you try, and while putting yourself out there is scary…so is the threat of living a lonely life, right?! RIGHT. You never know, she could be hoping you get the nerve to ask her out finally. Don’t psych yourself out, guys!

2. Be Interested In More Than Just Her Looks.
Like I said, physical and sexual attraction is key. Most first dates are based on this, and that is fine. I’m just saying that when you do ask her out-ask about her day, as well…or something. Show that you’re interested in more than just her pretty face or hot body-girls like this kind of stuff. Trust me-I am one.

3. Confidence!
This is the magic word…I believe that with confidence( NOT arrogance), you can get any girl in the world to go out with you! Women are attracted to confident men for a multitude of reasons. For me, I like confidence because it makes me feel safe and also challenges me to be confident in myself. It’s just a sexy trait to have-and that is why no matter what you look like or how much money you make, if you’re confident in who you are, it won’t matter.

4. Be Persistent…Not Creepy.
Some girls say no right away, to just about anyone. I don’t really understand this game, but I do like to see that a guy is genuinely interested in ME, and not just getting laid. I might give him a hard time, or play a little hard to get-just to see if he’ll be persistent. I might get a lot of men not liking this…but women like to be chased, just a bit. And hopefully, she’s worth it. Also-persistent does not mean sitting outside her house or work, or being rude and aggressive. No means no, and use your head-creepy isn’t a good look on you. You should be able to tell the difference between flirting and a hardcore she’s just not that into you scenario.

Hopefully, she’s just flirting though :)

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