How To Look Good On Your Casual Date

By: Lauren Cooke |

It may be a bit shameful to admit it, but human beings are quite visual creatures. Looks can and do matter, and much as we all try and tell ourselves that all that counts is personality, it is pretty fair to conclude that that isn’t really the case. As such, dating in any shape and form means paying a little attention to how you look in the eyes of your lucky date. Never is this more the case than with casual dating, which is why we have put together this little guide on how to look your best!

1. Start from the bottom up –

… which means that before you even think about makeup and outfits, you need to put the effort into yourself…

  • If you enjoy exercise then the endorphins will help to make your skin glow, as well as giving you more self confidence.
  • Make sure to shower/shave before you go, so that you are smooth and smell nice! BO is a No Go!
  • Wear a light and sensual perfume – guys are known to like vanilla smells, so maybe lean in this direction.
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2. Choose your clothes wisely…

  • Super-slutty clothes are probably best avoided, as are really boring and conservative outfits.
  • Go for something cute, but with a hint of sexy.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality – but that doesn’t necessarily mean going totally over the top!

3. Apply a little makeup…

  • The key thing here? Don’t slap it on like plaster. I know that makeup can make you feel more confident, but too much will make you look like you had a nasty accident with a cosmetics truck.
  • Emphasise your best bits. Got a great eye colour? Wear liner and mascara. Sexy lips? Use your favourite cherry lip stain. Great cheekbones? Add a hint of blusher and highlight those edges.
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4. Put some effort into your hair…

  • Hair is often overlooked – but a simple yet classy “do” can really make you look great.
  • At the very least, make sure it is smooth and freshly washed – ideally you want it to be fragrant and sexy!

So go, my pretties – look wonderful for your date and you’ll have them eating out of your hand in no time at all!