8 Signs it’s Time to End Your Long-Term Relationship

By: Kevin Murray |

We’ve either been or had a friend who’s wasting away in a failing relationship. You try to give them advice, but it always seems to go in one ear and out the other. If they could only just remove themselves from their situation they’d see it’s clearly time to move on. Their problem is they’ve been with their significant other, aka “security blanket,” for so long they’d be lost without them – despite the fact that blanket is old, tattered and smells like a mid-season jockstrap. Hey, it’s what makes them feel comfortable – even if everyone around them knows it’s time to let it go.


Here are 8 signs your long-term relationship should come to an end:

1.) You constantly get into fights

Fighting happens so often its part of your routine. In fact, sometimes you instigate them because there’s some shit you forgot to say in the last fight and it has to come out. Hurry up, somebody ring the bell so I can verbally assault this fool!

2.) You’re always breaking up and getting back together

If you’ve been together for longer than a few months (and are out of the 8th grade), don’t allow each other to repeatedly cancel your relationship – it’s exhausting to go through the charade of breaking up and getting back together. Ever think the third break up in the last two months is a sign this isn’t going to work out? Just a thought.

3.) They’ve cheated on you

There’s every cliché excuse in the book…

“It was a onetime thing.”
“I was drunk.”
“It was a moment of weakness.”
“It won’t happen again.”

Your significant other took you for granted and you chose to stay – silly you. Can you honestly look at them in the same light since they cheated?

4.) You look forward to sex more with your hand than with them

The chemistry between you two is so dry that your physical connection is staler than burnt toast. “Yuck, I don’t want to have sex with them. That feels like sleeping with the enemy.” Not to mention, you know it’s really over when you start dreaming of someone else while masturbating. I’m not talking about thinking of Jenny McCarthy (spank bank hall of fame), I’m talking more like knowing someone on a personal level. Speaking of which…

5.) You’re actively fielding offers from others who display romantic interest

This usually starts off as just an innocent game to get some of that attention you sooo desire. Cute little text messages to get you through the day – then through the night. Before you know it, you’re getting drinks and expressing feelings for each other. This person gives the attention to you yearn for – the sexual innuendos become so tempting you’re ready to explode. “Wait. I’m in a relationship… Oooh this feels so right… but, it’s wrong… I don’t know what to do… I’m confused.”

6.) You’ve cheated on them

People cheat for various reasons. However, the truth is you didn’t have enough respect for your current relationship to hold back your sexual desires for someone else. Physically giving yourself to someone other than your partner is something that can’t be taken back. Hope it was good, because you’ll be burdened with that guilt for the rest of your relationship.

7.) “But, we’ve been together for so long.”

If you’re saying this phrase to explain why you’re still with them, drop ‘em like a bad habit. People in good relationships don’t initially site “longevity” as a reason why they’re with their significant other. This phrase shows you have cracks in your foundation – it’s best to get out now before the house crumbles to the ground with you in it.

8.) Your friends and family advise you to get out

Going through the motions isn’t fun and will surely begin to affect other aspects of life due to the unhappiness inside that rising to the surface. The person you’re with should bring you up and make you smile when you think about them – not bring you down. Family and friends will pick up on these vibes and if more of them are saying “leave” instead of “stay,” it might be time to listen.

Relationships are built on trust – without trust you can’t depend on someone – what kind of relationship is it without dependability? No one should settle for mediocrity when it comes to love. And in the long run it’s not so much who you can live with, but you who can’t live without.