7 Reasons Why The Royal Baby is Good For Your Dating Life

By: Simone Paget |

ROYAL BABY: Everything you didn't know

Ever since Kate started vomiting nine months ago, the world has been on “Royal Baby Watch” and going bonkers in the process. Now with the arrival of The Royal Baby, the craziness shows no sign of slowing down. Here at We Love Dates we’ve decided to embrace the Royal Baby Fever because of it’s potential to change our dating life for the better. Curious? Here’s 10 reasons why the Royal Baby can only mean good things for singles:

1. With everyone focused on the arrival of The Royal Baby, this means you are given a temporary break from everyone asking “So, when are you going to have kids?” For women of child bearing age, this means that you have at least 12-18 months where your Aunt Gladys will be too distracted to ask you about your fallopian tubes.¬†Thanks Royal Baby!

2. If your friends and relatives still insist on discussing the fact that you’re single and childless, The Royal Baby is the perfect way to change the subject. Observe:

Meddling relative: “You’re too picky! Aren’t you worried you’re going to end up alone?”

You: “No, but if you want to talk about picky, have you heard what colour they’re planning to paint the Royal Nursery?”


3. On a date and have nothing to talk about? No problem! The Royal Baby is the perfect ice-breaker. Awkward silences can easily be solved with a simple, “So, how about that Royal Baby?” FYI, if your date is not aware that there is a Royal Baby, you might want to check their pulse.

4. The Royal Baby is also a great excuse to get out of awkward conversations or other situations. If your date takes a turn for the worst, just kindly explain, “I’m sorry, I need to excuse myself. I just remembered I need to go see my bookie. It’s about the Royal Baby.”

4. With headlines about the Royal Baby plastered everywhere, this means that there’s less cover space for the Kardashian clan. We’re not sure how this affects your dating life, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing. More Royal Baby > Less Kardashian.

5. The fact that the Royal Baby is everywhere is a great reminder to use birth control. If your partner objects to using a condom, remind them, “Hey remember that Royal Baby? Yeah, that could happen and guess what, no one is going to be sounding 41 cannons when it does”

6. If the Royal Baby makes you feel sad that you’re still single, just keep in mind that while you’re out on dates and lying on a beach this summer, Kate will be trying to lose baby weight. (And if you are trying to slim down, you can do it without being under the scrutiny of the whole world.)

7. Lastly, although it would be great to have the resources of royalty, the arrival of The Royal Baby serves as a good reminder to be grateful that you are in fact a normal, single person with privacy and freedom. You can tweet, Facebook, blog and Instagram to your heart’s content and you’ll never have to visit the designated “Royal Gynaecologist” (just the regular one, which is bad enough.)¬†You are free to date, wear, or do whatever or whoever you want, without mass public scrutiny – so embrace it!

So thanks, Prince George!