Top 10 Best and Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes

By: Simone Paget |

Love them or hate them, it looks like the “sexy” Halloween costume is here to stay. When it comes to sexy Halloween costumes there are some that make your temperature rise (in a good way!), and others that just make you want to cringe. Here’s our roundup of some of the best and worst Halloween costumes this year:


1. Playboy Bunny:


There’s something so old-school sexy about a classic Playboy bunny costume. Wear this costume for Halloween…and enjoy it in the bedroom later!

2. Tuxedo Bunny: 

Look like a Playmate without showing off quite so much skin in this adorable take on the bunny costume. The tuxedo details and flirty skirt make this costume way more sexy than trashy.

3. Racy Red Riding Hood: 














This costume manages to be sexy and flirty without veering towards “inappropriate.” Carry naughty goodies in your basket and use them to play a game for two of “Me Riding Hood, you Wolf”

4. Sailor Pin-Up:

Go retro this Halloween with a pin-up inspired sexy sailor ensemble. Ahoy mateys!

5. Joan from Mad Men:

Joan personifies sexy! Channel this Sterling Cooper beauty: don a fitted green dress, an up-do & work it!


1. Sexy Female Michael Jackson: 

Like most of the costumes in this section, we have to ask “why does this even exist?!” When it comes to dressing like a “female version” of the king of pop, all we can say is TOO SOON.

2.  Adult Petting Zoo costume: 

Just in case there was any confusion, there is nothing sexy about a guy whose costume is designed to get you to touch his junk. Even if his “junk” is a stuffed miniature horse head, it’s still wrong.

3. Sexy Bull: 

Yes, that’s Sasha Baron Cohen in a “sexy” bull costume. Men, don’t try this at home.

4. Sexy Pregnant Raggedy Ann: 

Here’s another one that begs more questions than answers. Like, who thought this was a good idea?!

5. Sexy Muppets:

Yes, we realize that Big Bird is back in the media spotlight these days thanks to the upcoming American election, however “Sexy” and “Sesame Street” are two words that should never appear in the same sentence. What’s even more disturbing than this costume  actually existing is that there are seem to be a bunch of different versions of it available for purchase – all equally creepy and oh so wrong. Orange striped socks anyone?

This is so creepy, we have no words. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sob gently over my now tarnished childhood memories.

What’s your favourite best/worst sexy Halloween costume?