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15 Stages of Online Dating (in Gifs)

It’s often difficult to completely understand online dating. The highs, the lows, the bad dates and the great ones. To help clear up any confusion, below are the 15 most common stages of online dating in gifs, and how they make us feel.

When Going Through My Photos Looking For Ones to Upload On My Profile:

When Reading My Online Dating Messages:
soft pretzels

Before My First Online Date:
before first date

Before My Tenth Online Date:
so excited

Trying To Think of Something To Say on a First Date:

When My Date Is Talking About Cars, Money or Ex-Girlfriends:
not listening

Or Sports.


When I Get Two Date Invites For The Same Night:


When I Accidentally Mention Something I Read On My Date’s Facebook Profile:

When My Married Friends Tell Me To Just Be Patient:

hit you

When He Goes In For a Kiss and It’s Not Happening:


When a Guy Says He’ll Call:

Pep Talk From My BFF When I Want To Give Up Dating
pep talk

The Only Acceptable Response: