Top 5 Summer Outfits That Drive Men Nuts

By: Kevin Murray |

We all look forward to the summer months – I mean what’s not to love? You have BBQ’s, family gatherings, beach trips and you get to wear fewer clothes! Speaking of which, the seasonal change brings eye candy to the forefront for men. Rubbernecking, trying to check out the hot chick walking down the street, is a favorite pastime for all men (we’re animals, we can’t help it). But some outfits do more damage than others – here’s a list of the heavy hitters:

988805802_01e4126613(Beach Dreams by Extra Medium on Flickr)

Sundress sightings are the unofficial fashion start to the summer season. I remember being on Rutgers campus and knowing summer was on its when chicks traded in their brown Uggs and black North Face jackets for bright colored sundresses and flip flops. I used to pray for breezy days, just the right gust walking behind a girl in a sundress can make your day – it’s the little things in life.

Yoga Pants
This outfit is typically seen at the gym or out running errands, so it really can be on an all season list. However, there’s something extremely hot about seeing a MILF walking around Target after just getting her workout on during the summer months. It’s like they’re painted on her – sooo tight.

Shoulders Exposed
kelly kapowski
Whether it’s a dress, halter-top, or an old torn sweatshirt (where just the one shoulder gets exposed), its pure bliss. I don’t even know what to call this outfit, but anytime a woman’s shoulders are exposed and you can see her neck line it’s an eye catcher.

Daisy Dukes
(“Daisy Duke Guards The Bathroom” by Caro Scuro on Flickr)

Made popular by the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, Daisy Dukes put killer thighs the map – they’ve been so short at times, an occasional crease line of a butt cheek can be seen when bending over. If that doesn’t turn you on, you best get out of Hazzard County.

White Pants
(HW17 by EyesOnFire80 on Flickr)

White pants are the single greatest gift a woman can give to the eyes of a man – there’s just something magical about seeing a gorgeous woman walking down the street in bright whites. From my experience, one of the best displays of white pants entourages is in Edgartown on the island of Martha’s Vineyard -white pants galore.


(“Dog n’ roll’d up pants” by RobStephAustralia on Flickr)
No, no, no, Capris. I’m sorry, but you do not make this list. You’re stuck in purgatory trying to decide if you’re shorts or pants. It looks like you should be down the Cape Cod National Seashore digging for clams at low tide – it’s really confusing.