Keeping The Relationship Spark Alive!

By: Elizabeth Marie |

This weekend, I found myself at my boyfriends house…wearing his baggy clothes and no make-up, my messy hair in a ponytail while shoving ridiculous amounts of food in my mouth in the manner of a starving wildebeest. I know what you’re thinking-what’s wrong with that? Doesn’t it sound attractive?!Finding that person who thinks you’re beautiful in your pjs, stinky breath and all is lovely, and trust me when I say I appreciate that his love for me goes beyond a great hair and make-up day. But there is something to be said for keeping the spark alive, and in my opinion, never getting too comfortable. Of course, you’ll find yourself having these weekends-weeks-months…when life gets in the way, or what have you. I’m not saying relationships should be smoke and mirrors AT ALL-the person you end up with should love you for your amazing wit, and intellect and sense of humor, period.

But what happens when you reach your comfort zone…and seem stuck there? What happens when the skinny jeans are permanently replaced by sweat pants, and lingerie is a thing of the past, date nights are a distant memory…and you get the (fairly depressing) picture.

My advice? Keep the romance alive on a daily basis with the little things. Wear that skirt he likes, or the cologne that is her favorite. It’s not all about keeping up appearances though. Look for the good in your partner on a daily basis, and vocalize it. Appreciation is HOT. Yes, relationships are work, but they are also supposed to be fun, sexy and exhilarating. Kiss him like you did when you were first dating. Use technology and how ridiculously connected we all are to your advantage-a surprise text message can go along way. Rub his back, or play with her hair…whatever works for you.

Appreciate-my new favorite word-the hell out of your partner…your date…your significant other and see what happens. Do little things to make them happy and keep the fire burning, why would you let something so great burn-out? Answer-you wouldn’t, because you’re smart cookies.

Mmm cookies. Maybe I’ll make my boyfriends some.