Is It Time To Meet Plenty More Fish?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Plenty More Fish

It’s that time of year again-the Holidays. Your social calendar is filling up, you have presents to buy and a house to decorate, or perhaps you’re in school and it’s finals crunch time. You are looking ahead to a New Year and possibly a clean slate…You also start to get the itch…to be single. Well, you do if you’re anything like the majority of the people out there who break up with their significant others during the Holidays. This happens for a few reasons, in my opinion.

The holidays are stressful, no way around it. During stressful times, it’s a natural reaction to evaluate your life and try to eliminate any unnecessary stressors. So your boyfriend who treats you like crap? Yep, might just be the perfect time to cut him loose. Around the holiday season, I see a lot of friends and family I don’t normally get to see the rest of the year, and when I’m dating someone I always ask myself if this is someone I really want to bring around them. Someone else I want to add to my Christmas present shopping list? More often than not, unfortunately the answer is NO.

On that note, let’s discuss New Years! We make resolutions to break free of our dead end jobs, finally take that trip to Antigua, or a million other things that will make the next year of our lives that much better. New Years Resolutions give us the opportunity to evaluate every aspect of our lives-including, especially, our relationships. What if there is someone better for us out there, we think…and just like gym memberships increase during this time of the year, so do break-ups…and we realize that there ARE plenty more fish in the sea, so why waste another year with someone who isn’t the right fit. It’s a time of reflection, looking forward and starting fresh.

Perhaps you’ve been single for a while and have decided you’ll get through the holidays and then in January…it’s ON. You sign up for an online dating site, or finally allow your friends to set you up on a blind date. Your New Years resolution is to not be single anymore, and so come January you have decided you are going to get back in the dating game.

Either way, the holidays are a time of endings AND beginnings. Although it may not feel like it, there ARE plenty of fish in the sea…you just have to find the right one. Or the right one for now. 🙂

Happy Holidays!