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Fact: Couples Who Meet Online Have Hotter Sex, and I Can Prove It

By: Elizabeth Marie |

OK, so maybe not every couple who meets online has hotter sex – but the potential is definitely there. With the internet making it easier than ever before to contact and meet up with people who share your exact sexual fantasies, and with the greater numbers of women online increasing most mens’ options and vice versa, chances are good that the online adult dating craze can help improve peoples’ love lives.

Sex Sells - Hotter Sex
Image credit: Flickr

In an article on MSNBC, one self-confessed exhibitionist recently described the benefits of bringing your sex life online as being almost like magic. “You can dream the dream and then go make it real. This is a portal into a parallel universe. I mean, it’s a wild world.” For those who are looking for a quick sexual encounter and little else, free-for-all ads sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree are now becoming more popular.

As a result of online dating becoming easier and more accessible, many people are now meeting online simply for “booty calls” rather than a stable relationship. I don’t think I need to bring out any statistics to prove that those who use online dating in this way have hotter sex lives than those who don’t, though for some of us this is simply not what we’re looking for in the dating game.

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Other studies have shown that singles who meet online often form very deep attachments to one another, very quickly. The general gist of this sort of analysis is that people who meet online not only have that initial magnetic attraction, but they will usually have met because of some comment interest or personality trait. Couples who meet online often have more stuff in common, and are more attracted to one another, than couples who did not.

Moreover, some researchers suggest that the medium of text-only communication may help new love along. The reason for this is that online, the old saying that “Love is blind” becomes even more apt than usual.

People who you meet online need only tell you the things that they want you to hear, and reading their dating profile you will tend to fill in the blanks about their life more optimistically than not. With people we’ve met online, our fantasies normally have more of a foothold and thus we often end up more attracted to people we’ve met on dating sites than if we’d met face to face.

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It’s for this reason that many people think meeting up with someone you’ve contacted online, even someone you’re already in love with, should be treated like a blind date. No matter how attracted you are to the other person, hold back a little, at list until you’ve met up a few times. If you’re in this for more than just sex, you may find that it helps create a deeper bond between you and the person you’ve just met. Ironically, this in itself could lead to better and more sex in the long term!