5 Ways to Meet That Special Someone at a Wedding

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Everyone knows that attending a wedding when you’re single can be even more overwhelming than well-meaning family members asking ‘when you’re going to find someone to settle down with’. Don’t despair though! All that love swirling around in the air means that a wedding can be just the place to strike up a new romance. Follow our top tips and soon it could be you that’s saying “I do”.

1. Go with a wingman
That +1 invite you receive in the post may seem like a slap in the face when you’re single but don’t feel the pressure to bring a date – bring a wingman instead! Whether the same or opposite sex to you, having a familiar face by your side is a great way to stop yourself from feeling too nervous and will give you extra confidence. After all, we all know that approaching that handsome stranger is even harder when you’re alone!

2. Ask to be seated at the ‘singles’ table
Perhaps even worse than being seated at the children’s table is being sat with a circle of smug couples for the entirety of dinner. Bite the bullet and discreetly ask the bride or groom beforehand to be sat with other eligible singles – chances are, they’ll be more than happy to spread a little love and play matchmaker to their friends. After all, they want everyone to be as in love as they are, right?

3. Don’t seem desperate!
It might seem easy to become a little disheartened when attending a wedding as a singleton, but relax! Everyone knows how it feels to be single at some point or another. Don’t scare any mysterious strangers away by appearing clingy, needy or desperate to get married yourself. You want to present yourself as a happy and interesting person to be around, so don’t spend the evening sour faced, complaining about dying alone with a house full of cats!

4. Use your common ground
The great thing about a wedding is that everyone there has at least one common ground: the bride and groom! There’s no better way to break the ice than by asking your potential new love interest what their connection to the wedding party is. Who knows, they might be the bride’s brother, the groom’s oldest childhood friend or even a member of the wedding band. Whatever the answer, you’re sure to be able to share a few laughs and wait for the sparks to fly.

5. Dress the part
What better excuse to get all dressed up than a wedding? From the prettiest dresses to the smartest suits, you can be sure that every guest will be dressed to the nines in honour of the big day. It’s the ultimate time to preen yourself to perfection, sending your self confidence sky high and helping you to catch the eye of that special someone.

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