Throwback Thursday-Our 10 Most Popular Posts

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Over the past year, we’ve shared hundreds of posts on our blog. Some have been a helpful resource (we hope), while others have been personal dating stories that our readers can relate to. In honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d highlight the 10 most popular posts on our blog from over the past year…just in case you missed them!
popular articles

1. 7 Signs He Likes You As More Than a FriendĀ  Sure, he likes you…but does he like you like you?

2. If He’s Not Calling Me, Is He Thinking About Me? This is, by far, our most discussed post. Probably because if there is one thing all women share, it’s the experience of waiting, and waiting for a guy you like to call. Good times.

3. 4 Ways To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You Who says you can’t make the person you’re crushing on feel the same? Not us.

4. Tips For Dating an Older Man Age gap relationships are challenging, but not impossible, and apparently a lot of our readers are dating older men!

5. How To Ask a Girl Out Online (In a Non-Creepy Way) Pro tip: Guys, if you want to ask a woman out online it’s important not to totally freak her out with your creepiness. Here’s how.

6. Things NOT To Do On a First Date You only have one chance to make a first impression-don’t mess it up!

7. Top 10 Dating Pickup Lines That Actually Work No cheesy, one liners on this list! Learn how to use a pickup line that won’t get you rejected.

8. 20 Worst Wedding Dresses Of All Time I mean…you just have to see these dresses to believe them.

9. How To Get a Friggin Response This post from the hilarious Single Girlie is blunt, helpful and honest.

10. What To Do When He Pulls Away We’ve got your back if your guy starts giving you the cold shoulder.

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Or, if you don’t have a blog, which post on our site has resonated with you the most?