10 Places to Go on a Date if You’re Broke

By: Simone Paget |


You don’t need to break the bank to plan a fabulous date. Some of the best dates involve experiencing simple pleasures together. Here are 10 places to go on a date if you’re short on cash:

1. Go for a walk in the park or on the beach – Being outdoors is not only free, it can also be romantic! Walks are great if one or both of you are a bit shy. When you don’t have the added pressure of making awkward eye-contact across the dinner table, conversation tends to flow easier.

2. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum – Most museums and art galleries have days when admission is free or deeply discounted. Do some research and then plan a visit. Walking around looking at beautiful art and artifacts is a great way to spark up some interesting conversation.

3. Go on a pic-nic – Purchasing pic-nic items and taking them to a local park is not only fun and romantic, it’s a lot cheaper than going out and paying restaurant prices. Bad weather? No problem! Grab a blanket and plan a fun indoor pic-nic on your living room floor.

4. Dive Bar – Instead of dropping serious cash on the latest trendy bar, check out your local dive bar or neighbourhood pub. Not only is the atmosphere going to be more relaxed, but there’s likely to be some good drink specials. Look for a place that also has pool tables and/or a dart board so you can play a few games while you’re there.

5. Coffee – Coffee dates are only boring if you let them be. Look for a unique coffee bar in your area, for example one that offers something unique like a large selection of board games or live music. Even better, if the weather is nice, grab your coffees to-go and head out for a nice walk.

6. Cook a meal at home – Instead of hitting a pricey bistro, get in touch with your inner Wolfgang Puck and cook something together at home. Even if you’re just making spaghetti, cooking a meal together is a fun bonding experience.

7. Tour a Winery – Many wineries (or other places where food & beverages are produced – i.e. a chocolate factory) offer free tours. Learning about wine is a fun way to spend an afternoon, plus you’ll likely get to taste some of the wines for free!

8. Attend an open-mic night – Grab a drink and check out a free open mic night at your local coffeehouse or bar. You might discover your next favourite artist or you might just bear witness to a lot of bad poetry and angsty folk music – either way, you’ll have something to talk (and laugh) about later.

9. Check out a farmers market together – Perfect if you’re dating a foodie, there’s always lots to see and experience at a farmer’s market. Check out the latest organic produce and grab a slice of pie to go!

10. Pretend to be tourists in your own town – Whether you’ve lived in your area for a long time or not, it’s likely that there are many tourist attractions you have never seen. Go to the local library and pick up a city guide and make an itinerary for the day. Have fun and don’t forget to take some purposely cheesy photos 🙂