What Candy Crush Saga Can Teach Us About Love and Relationships

By: Len Cruz |

candy crush

C’mon, say it with me – I…am…a…Candy… Crush…Saga…addict. Now, doesn’t that make you feel just a tad bit better?

You are not alone! The obsession with the highest grossing game in the iOS App store is quite valid. The candies look deliciously realistic, the game is quite simple, the characters are cute, and the song is hypnotizingly sweet! I told a friend of mine to give it a try, but she said that the game’s too shallow and a waste of time. I saw her status a few days ago that says: “I forgot to feed my kids on time again! Damn you Candy Crush!”

Apart from the game giving you continuous amount of fun and making you relax by blurting out ten different curses per level, Candy Crush can also teach you something of real value. It may not appear at first glance, but it’s there. Underneath all that shoaly appearance, the game is actually teaching us some valuable lessons about love and relationships!

Choose Your Moves Wisely

Always have a plan of attack. Your move, no matter how simple or complex it may be, will greatly affect the success or downfall of your relationship. Assessment is the key here. Before you do anything or decide anything, assess the situation first. A relationship is not a contest. You won’t get a medal for acting on things in a flash. Always think before you act and react. Start by answering this simple question: Is this a stupid move or what?


Couples go through certain stages (from infatuation to the happily ever after) in a relationship. Graduating each level with three stars is optional, but is highly recommended. This is what most people fail to realize: the feeling of falling in love is not constant.  It changes over time. When they lose that feeling, they think that their relationship is doomed. What they don’t see is that they are going to the next level. A harder and deeper kind of level that requires more than just getting a lover’s name inked on your back.


This is where your creativity is tested! Every relationship needs a boost once in awhile. It could be in a form of a simple sweet note (“Honey, you’re a Greek god! Grrrr!) or a five-day trip to Seychelles. Its all depends on your budget and the amount of cheesiness you have in you.

You Need Help

Even with 100% effort, there are times when you really just don’t know what to do. Swallow your pride and ask for some advice. You can ask your friends first. There are times when your friends see some things in your relationship that you miss simply because you’re blinded by too much love.


Relationships are perfect only in the world of unicorns, fairies, and rainbows. Don’t be easily discouraged. You cannot say that you love someone when the first thing you do when things get though is to let go and give up. Relationships fail because couples give up, not because there is nothing that can be done with it anymore. There’s always a solution to every problem. We just don’t like the solution sometimes. If there’s absolutely no solution, then, it’s not a problem. Simplify your life.

Always retry. Even just for the make-up sex…retry.