The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week, March 22, 2013

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Happy Spring! Although it doesn’t quite feel like it yet in most parts of the world, new beginnings are upon us! Do one thing this weekend to shake up your dating life and start fresh! Need inspiration or just a good read? Catch up on the 10 best dating articles we’ve read this week!

1. Everyone needs sex advice from time to time and when you don’t feel like talking to your friends, what do you do? Ask the internet! However, these ridiculous sex tips from WikiHow aren’t going to help you get laid. (The Frisky)

2. Would you believe that men spend more money than women getting ready for a steamy date? Tis true! Maybe it has something to do with all that body hair? (MSN UK)

3. A bathroom selfie just won’t cut it! Read these tips on how to rock your online dating profile photo. (Cosmopolitan)

4. Stop only telling girls that they are hot and start saying the things they actually want to hear. (Thought Catalog)

5. These 10 types of guys who won’t marry you are probably the same ones who stop calling out of the blue an cancel dates at the last minute. So in other words, avoid. (Huff Post Women)

6. Is there anything worse than wondering if a guy liked you enough on the first date to ask you on a second one? The stress! Make him fall for you on the very first date and don’t stress. (YourTango)

7.  This girl wanted to hook-up with a guy so badly she created a pretty awesome POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. I also love that she included “not a hobo” in her appealing characteristics pie chart. (The Chive)

8. Does your guy go shopping with you, hold your handbag and wait patiently? Does he take you to your favorite healthy lunch spot and suck down green juice like it’s his job even though he really wants In N Out animal style? Guys do a lot for the woman they’re dating, so surprise him by planning a manly date he’ll really enjoy. (eFlirtExpert)

9.  Flip flops, pleats and other things men should NOT wear on a first date. (Bad Online Dates)

10. Has this ever happened to you? You’re dating a guy, you get butterflies each time you see him, you check your phone repeatedly on an hourly basis to see if he’s texted…but are you in love? Here are 21 ways to tell what your feelings mean. (Love Panky)

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