March 14th, 2013 by Amy Estes

Can You Really Be Lucky In Love?


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend, people are discussing green beer, crazy outfits and the luck of the Irish. It’s not uncommon to hear people describe others as “lucky in love” — always dating someone amazing or maybe that friend who’s married to the perfect person. But can you really get lucky in love (besides in bed)?

Some people say sure. The right place…the right time…the right person. It can all be totally magic. I know this firsthand: I met my boyfriend of almost five and a half years at a party I almost didn’t attend. One lucky encounter changed the whole course of my life.

That said, I don’t think luck has much to do with your success in love. Sure, you can have one of those once-in-a-lifetime magical connections, but to be “lucky” I think you have to put yourself in the position to get lucky.

Here’s how

  • Say yes. If you’re looking to meet someone, go out! Say yes to invitations: blind dates, group hang outs, etc. Online dating is a fantastic place to start. If you’re serious about finding a relationship, than start behaving like it! I know so many people who claim they’re eager to date and meet someone special, and yet they never put themselves out there to meet someone. By being in a position where you’re meeting more people, you’re more likely to meet a significant other.
  • Be engaged in your life. This sounds similar to say yes, but what I mean is don’t wait to find someone to do the things you want to do. Travel! Volunteer! Be active! Having a relationship is fabulous but you can find the luck in your love life elsewhere. Also? If you’re out doing your own thing, you’re so much more likely to meet someone you really connect with.
  • Make your own luck. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. If you’re interested, ask them out. If you’re hoping to meet someone, message the people you find intriguing and tell your friends you want to meet someone. Take care of yourself and be open to the magic of life.

It’s such a romantic idea that somehow, luck in love will just find you, but isn’t it more exciting to know that you can help make your own luck? Even better, it’s not true just in love — it’s true in life! The more open you are and the more you strive to create your own amazing experiences, the more likely you are to find the luck and magic you’re seeking.



Amy is a writer & teacher living in Sacramento, CA. She writes at Coffee & Sunshine & tweets at @amy_estes

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  1. September 13, 2013 at 6:03 pm, TheVeryTruth said:

    well lets just say that there are so many men and women that certainly have been BLESSED by God to find the love of their life, but why not us?


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