The 9 Worst Things You Can Say To a Guy You Like

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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One of the most common questions we get asked by readers is “WHY DID HE DISAPPEAR” and the truth is this-it’s probably because of something you said. Although they may pretend otherwise, men pay attention to everything a woman says and if he hears something he doesn’t like he might suddenly develop the inability to return a text message-AKA he’ll vanish. Choose your words wisely, starting now! Here are the 9 worst things you can say to a guy you like.

1. “Do you like me? “What does this even mean? If he’s dating you, he likes you. If he is g-chatting with you all day while he’s supposed to be working, he likes you. If he takes care of you when you’re sick, introduces you to his friends or calls when he says he will, guess what! He likes you. Asking him repeatedly if he likes you only makes you come off as insecure and needy. There are always signs he likes you…you don’t really need to ask.

2. “Why did you and your ex split?” It’s totally normal to be curious about your guy’s romantic past, but let him be the one to open up about it. Asking for details might make him think that you’re just jealous, and seriously why would you want him to start wasting headspace on his ex again? Focus on the future…with you!

3. “Everyone says I’m such a drama queen!” You might mean this in the most innocent possible way, and heck you might even be joking (so dramatic!) but since men are physically repelled by the idea of a dramatic relationship, find a different adjective to describe yourself. Passionate, perhaps?

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4. “I don’t care…” When a guy asks what you want for dinner, where you’d like to go on a date or what t.v show you want to watch on a random Wednesday night, have an opinion. Use your voice! You might think that you’re being accommodating, but your guy will quickly tire of being the one who has to make all the decisions, and soon he’ll stop considering what you want anyway, since you never speak up. Take control-or at least meet him halfway. If you want Mexican food, tell him that you’ve got tacos and margaritas on the brain and suggest your favorite place. He’ll be mucho impressed.

5. “Will there be girls there?” 50% of the people in this world are female, so it’s safe to say that wherever he goes, there might be other girls there. But that’s not the real question, is it? The real question goes something like this-Are there going to be women there who are hotter/more interesting than I am? Are you going to flirt with them and forget about me? This question is all about insecurity, and you’re showing him that whenever he’s not with you, you’ll be wondering what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. Fun.

6. “I don’t get along with other girls.” A lot of women tend to believe that say this to a guy makes them look oh-so cool and laid back, but it can definitely backfire. Perhaps all of your close friends are male and you simply find it easier to relate to dudes, but telling a guy that you and other women don’t get along will automatically raise some red flags. He might wonder if you will play nice with the important women in his life (mom, sister, female friends), or if he can trust you when you’re spending so much time with other guys.

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7. “Do you love me?” If he loves you, it will be crystal clear…and you won’t have to ask. Trust us on this one.

8. “I always get my way.” Hold up, you sassy little mink! Relationships are a two way street, and compromise is crucial. By telling a man that it’s your way or the highway, he might consider his options and choose the latter. There isn’t anything attractive about a woman who threatens to throw a tantrum if things aren’t going her way, and guys want to date someone who understands what being in a partnership truly means.

9. “I always date jerks.” It’s totally possible that you have had terrible luck when it comes to dating, but somehow you have to take some responsibility. Simply writing off all of your ex’s as “jerks” shows your guy that you haven’t really learned anything from the experiences and might be quick to include him in the “jerk” category if things don’t pan out.

What things do you wish the opposite sex would never say?