Facebook Official Relationships: Debunking the Myths

By: Jess Downey |

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan (Flickr)

Facebook official relationships. Some do it immediately. Others wait a little while and some don’t bother with it at all. I’m a gal who fits in the last category. In fact, I don’t even have my relationship status on my Facebook page.  I’ve thought about changing it, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me. And, honestly, I don’t think it should be for anyone.

So that brings about the burning question. When you move from single to a relationship, do you have to change your status on Facebook? And, if you don’t, does that mean something? Let’s explore some of the common Facebook relationship status myths.

If you don’t change your Facebook status you don’t really like your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Remember in ninth grade when you didn’t sit together at lunch but were still boyfriend and girlfriend? Well, the same thing kind of applies here. If you’ve declared your couple status in real life, choosing not declaring it on Facebook doesn’t take away from that.

If you don’t change your Facebook status, you are up to no good.

Honestly, scandalous behavior can happen regardless. Let’s face it, it’s not the “in a relationship” that keeps a person from behaving badly, it’s the fact that they value that relationship. And, sure, maybe there are lots of people who will make a play for a person because they think they’re single, but, still, it’s all about the respect for the relationship here. Point being, if a person is going to behave scandalously, that whole relationship status thing isn’t going to stop them.

If it’s not Facebook official, you aren’t really a couple.

So, let me get this straight. You introduce each other as boyfriend/girlfriend. You spend quality time together as a couple. You’ve decided not to see other people and have even taken your profiles off online dating sites. But you still need Facebook to validate your relationship. Clearly something about that just doesn’t make sense.

I think sometimes we get a little too wrapped up in the little details and what it all means. But at the end of the day, a relationship should be based on how you feel about each other and how you are together. Instead of letting Facebook define your relationship, do it yourself. If you have something genuinely great with another person, that’s what matters. And, honestly, if your relationship depends on your Facebook status then you’re probably in the wrong relationship.