7 Of The Sexiest New Years Resolutions For 2013

By: Elizabeth Marie |

sexy new years resolutions
Many people are entering 2013 armed with a list of resolutions and goals they hope to accomplish in the new year. Things like losing weight, becoming a better friend or traveling somewhere exotic often top this list-but come on, how many of us actually accomplish any of our new years resolutions? Come March we’ve cancelled our gym memberships, flaked on our friends and pushed our dreams of visiting Fiji onto the back burner. However, can you imagine how determined you might be to accomplish a resolution if it involves nakedness and orgasms and all the sex in the land? When jotting down your list of goals and dreams for the future, don’t neglect your time in the bedroom. Make it your goal to have 2013 be your hottest year yet! Need some ideas?

Try out these ten sexy new years resolutions to welcome 2013 in with quite a bang!

1. Have sex everyday! Or at least commit to doing it more often than you are now. If you’re in a relationship, bump up the frequency that you’re intimate. Turn the t.v off and focus on each other, or send your guy off to work in the a.m with a big smile on his face. If you’re dating, don’t sleep with every Tom, Dick or Harry who looks your way, just keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to roll with it if it feels right!

2. Get comfortable with your body. Sex is awesome, except that it involves that whole being naked and vulnerable in front of a guy you really like thing. Don’t let insecurity invade your thoughts in 2013! When you look in the mirror, stop the horrible negative monologue playing on a loop in your brain. Don’t focus on the physical flaws that your partner doesn’t notice anyway. The more confident you are and comfortable in your own skin, the better you’ll be in bed, because you’ll be able to let go of anything other than having a great time naked. Confidence is sexier than a perfect body.

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3. Switch up your positions. If you spent most of 2012 on your back in the missionary position, make 2013 the year you get on top! When it comes to sex positions, the options are limitless-use your imagination, and if something feels gooooood…keep going! Sex should never become a routine! To fight the dreaded sexual boredom, the more positions you try, the better.

4. Get to know your body. Yep-a little one on one action with yourself. The only way you’ll be able to confidently express what you like sexually to your partner is if you figure it out for yourself. Plus, this goes hand in hand with #2, so it’s a double win.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! So many women expect the guy to take the lead in the bedroom, but if he doesn’t know what you want, he can’t give it to you! Trust me…the last thing you should worry about is freaking a guy out with what you think is a kinky request. Chances are he’ll be unable to wipe the perma-grin off his face and he’ll probably cook you a 4 course breakfast in the morning.

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6. Be spur of the moment. Amazing sex doesn’t always occur in a candle-lit room on a bed of fresh rose petals. Sometimes it’s in the backseat of your car in a parking garage. Romantic? No. Hot as hell? Yes. Why wait until you’re back home? If the urge strikes, grab your partner and make the most of your surroundings. This establishes a sense of sexual excitement between you and your man-since nowhere is off limits, the sexy tension can build anywhere…and everywhere.

7. Give more than you receive. It’s still the holiday season, so take a cue from the season of giving when it comes to your sexy resolutions. Imagine a sex life where both people have the insatiable goal of pleasing their partner to the max. If you want more from your partner, give him more of what he likes first. He’ll be sure to reciprocate tenfold. Oh, and if he doesn’t? Toss him to the curb because that is super l-a-m-e.

What sexy new years resolution is on your list this year?