Dating New Years Resolutions…

By: Amy Estes |


It’s almost 2013 and that means your dating year is about to start anew. It’s normal to make resolutions for budget, health and other areas of life, but what about your love life? Let’s make some resolutions to make 2013 the best dating year of your life.

Be honest. Not just honest with the person you’re dating, but with yourself. What are you really looking for when it comes to dating? Are you really into this person? Are you happy with the sex? Are you being the best person you can in a relationship? Being honest and aware of what it is you really want is really important

Don’t settle. It’s great to want to be in a relationship, but remember that settling for someone who isn’t ideal for you isn’t doing either of you any good. Make smart choices and know when to cut off a relationship.

Be sexy! Send a few flirty texts. Try something new in the bedroom. Take good care of yourself and do things you’re interested in, making yourself interested and engaged.

Stay open. Go on a blind date! Send a flirty message online. Get to know someone new. If you’ve been thinking about online dating or saying you’ll finally meet that guy your mom’s been talking about for years, than DO IT. This is your year!

Break up your dating rut. Skip dinner and a movie and instead go try and new cooking class or learn to make something at a crafting event. Do something new! You never know: you might discover a new hobby or find something awesome to do with a brand new love.

Try someone who isn’t your type. If you usually date a certain type of person, try something new. Date someone who works in a different field, is louder or quieter than you are, or who is into totally different things. Opposites attract, and change is good!

Let go of your dating past. Stop texting that old booty call (and DEFINITELY stop sleeping with them if you’re not into it). More importantly, let go of your old beliefs and feelings about yourself and your past relationship mistakes. Stop being so angry about exes. Delete some numbers! It’s a new year!

Cultivate your most important relationship — your relationship with yourself. Dating is great, but remember that YOU are your most important relationship. Be nice to you! Spend time alone. Do nice things for yourself. Treat yourself well.