5 Holiday Date Ideas That You Don’t Even Have To Leave The House For

By: Jamie Ann |

Holidays are the time of year where all the togetherness and love feels extra special, don’t you think? This is the first official Christmas I’m spending with my boyfriend. We had just started dating before Christmas last year and it would have been a little awkward to celebrate so early just then.

Well, the thought of all of this brought so much more excitement to this holiday season. I insisted on buying a real tree to decorate and he bought stockings for us because I never had either growing up. We’re creating some new holiday traditions together and it’s been amazing so far.

Here are some holiday date ideas that don’t even require you to leave the house!

Decorate together.
Pull those decorations out of the closet, string up the lights, throw on some holiday tunes and get to decorating. It will be a lot more fun decorating with someone else and it will be such an awesome memory.

Get those holiday cards going.
Even if you’re not sending out holiday cards as a couple, it can still be a good night to open up a bottle of wine, sit at the table and knock out all those cards. Make sure grandma, mom, his best friend – don’t let them slip through the cracks this year.

Plan for your holiday party.
Holiday parties are always fun. Why not throw one together? Bring both of your friends together to meet each other and hang out and everyone can get to know one another a little better. Take some time to bang out a guest list, decide on a theme if that’s your bag, get to meal planning and start planning those holiday drinks! Eggnog, anyone?

Take a holiday photo together.
Make some memories. Take a photo together in front of your freshly decorated tree. Throw on some Santa hats and dress the dog in an ugly sweater. Have something you can look back on from this holiday season. You’ll appreciate it in the long run.

Make ornaments for each other.
Now for a more cutesy idea. Instead of just buying an ornament celebrating this holiday together, why not make one for each other? You each have free reign of what it is, just make sure you include Holiday 2012 on it somewhere, so when you’re decorating in the future, you know exactly when that ornament is from. YOu don’t have to be the most crafty people on the planet to do something like this – it’s just pure fun!