Cohabitation and What to Expect When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

By: Jamie Ann |

A big point in your relationship is when you’re pretty much spending every night at your boyfriend’s place or vice versa – it’s usually the person who has the bigger place or no roommates. In my case it was my place, because I lived by myself, my boyfriend spent most of his time in my apartment. Even still we didn’t know everything about each other because we didn’t have all of our things in one place, so who knew what the other had in their closet, both literally and figuratively.

Once we moved in together, I learned so much more about my boyfriend. And just when I thought I knew it all! For one, he occasionally brushes his teeth in the shower, something he never did at my apartment when I lived alone. He also likes the bedroom very hot when he sleeps, when I like it very cold. He wants space heater and I need all the fans on me.

He learned exactly how much I hate doing laundry. I’ll let it pile up until the last pair of socks, before I’ll suck it up and drag my laundry down the three flights of stairs to the basement.  Also, that my hair is so incredibly long, it is everywhere – the shower, the sink, the floor.

We also have very different tastes in decorating. While I want mid-century modern, he’s talking about Game of Thrones prints. There’s definitely a balance that needs to be found.

But on the other hand, it’s so nice to have someone else that’s able to walk the dog at night or load the dishwasher. And it’s great to be able to say goodnight to him and then later have him crawl in bed beside me instead of heading to his own place

Our little quirks aren’t that big of a deal when you really think about it. Little annoyances can turn into big annoyances if you don’t communicate. So start things off on the right foot and always let him know when something is bothering you and encourage him to do the same. Healthy relationships will only last with good communication!