Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 10 Sexy, Flirty Holiday Gifts for Him or Her

By: Simone Paget |

Whether you’re in a relationship or dating casually, the holidays are the perfect time to treat that special person to a naughty gift(s) that you can both enjoy. Here are are a few fun, sexy gifts that are sure to put a smile on both of your faces:

1. Cookie Sutra: a gift that’s sexy and sweet (literally!) A fresh take on the classic Kama Sutra, this cute little book includes all of the Kama Sutra positions as demonstrated by two very happy and adventurous gingerbread cookies. It’s the perfect gift if you’re looking for inspiration both in the bedroom and the kitchen!
2. Red Bustier set: Nothing says “holiday fun” like some sexy red lingerie. Slip on a red, ruffled, lace-up bustier like this one and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be the only present he has his eyes on.
3. Dona Massage Candle: Candle light…sensual massage…hot wax dribbled on your body. If this makes you think “Mmmmmm, yes!”   a massage candle like this one by Dona might be just what you are looking for. Make your bedroom smell gorgeous while you both enjoy a sexy massage…and then some!
4. Sex in the Shower Knee Pads: Love making love in the shower but hate the potential for bruising and chaffing?! If yes, these sexy kneepads make the perfect (and oh so practical) gift for you and your partner.
5. Kama Sutra Weekender Kit: Enjoy a sexy weekend (or night in!) with this pleasure enhancing kit that includes a small jar of flavored honey dust and feather duster to stroke across your lover’s body, “pleasure balm” which offers  heating and cooling sensations; sweet almond massage oil and a love liquid “sensual lubricant” that will help you try out some Kama Sutra moves of your own! 🙂
6. Sex and Mischief Bondage Kit: If you or your partner spent the Fall reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and are now anxious to act out some sexy scenarios, a beginner bondage kit like this one by Sex and Mischief is the perfect place to start!
7. Vibrating panties: The gift that truly keeps giving and giving and giving. These remote controlled vibrating panties are the perfect gift if you want to enjoy some sexy, discrete fun in public.
8. Silk Rose Petals: Up the romance quotient in your bedroom with a sprinkling of these fragrant silk rose petals by Dona. A perfect stocking stuffer, these can be sprinkled on the bed or placed in a bowl as a sexy alternative to potpourri.
9. TOR 2: The ultimate in vibrating rings for men, the TOR 2 provides stimulation for the man and the woman – increasing overall pleasure for both. Perfect for anyone who has “amazing orgasms” on their Christmas list.

10. The We-Vibe 3: The first sex toy that can be worn by women while making love, the We-Vibe is a luxury gift that is sure to spice things up in the bedroom this holiday season!
Which sexy gift are YOU hoping for this holiday season?! 🙂