How To Date An Older Woman

By: Elizabeth Marie |

We’ve published quite a few posts on how to ask a girl out but what if the object of your affection isn’t just a girl…but instead, an older woman? No matter what the age gap is, whether you’re a 21 year old guy with a crush on your 30 year old coworker, or if you’re 35 and in love with a woman in her fifties, there is only one way to get an older woman to go out with you. You have to relate to her on many different levels, and she has to view you as her equal. Check out our latest video for the best ways to date an older woman. If you’re unable to watch the video, the transcription is below!


It’s been brought to my attention that some of our male readers or subscribers want to know how to hook up with an older woman.

I might be an older woman, like if you’re 18 and you wanted to date
somebody in their late 20s like me, it would be very difficult for me to, you know, pay any kind of attention to you, and I think that goes for most women. Reason being is we tend to think of guys as just a little bit more immature.

So if you want to hook up with an older woman, you need to make sure that you are at her level. That means that you can carry on a conversation with her, that you aren’t bringing like the little brother vibe to the relationship, because women will hang out with you, and you know, if you are complimentary and always like kissing her ass and all of that. They will hang out with you, but if you really want to stand a chance with her, you have to make her feel challenged emotionally and mentally, she has to be able to think that you are not only her equal, but somebody who makes
her want to be a better person.

You don’t have to be all intellectual and nerdy. It’s not like that. But it’s important to be worldly and have your priorities in order, because when you’re at different stages in your life, you have different priorities, and that’s fine. That doesn’t mean that you are immature for not worrying about certain things.

It’s important to be on the same page before you can have a relationship. Like you might really like somebody and think someone is so hot, but if you don’t have the same way of dealing with life and looking at life, it won’t work.

So hooking up with an older woman isn’t impossible, but manage your
expectations too. Don’t jump for like 10 years older. If you really have a thing for older women, I would start with three or four years and work your way up. You don’t want to be somebody’s little errand boy or something like that.

You’ll figure out the right person for you, regardless of their age. Some people like tall guys, but they end up with someone short. So at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what age someone is, it just matters the connection that you have.

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