How To Act Around Your Crush

By: Elizabeth Marie |

One of the most common questions we’re asked is by people who don’t know how to act around their crush.  Maybe they get nervous and shy, or become extra clingy. With any crush, the goal is always to become more, and the only way you’re going to do that is if you know how to act like a normal person around them! Here are our tips!

1. First of all, take a deep breath. No matter how much you like someone or how intimidating they are, remember one important thing-they are a person just like you. They aren’t perfect specimens to be worshipped, no matter how hot they are. And most importantly, remember how awesome YOU are, and how lucky they would be to even talk to you for ten minutes. Once you switch your thinking to this kind of mindset, it will be a lot easier to interact with the object of your affection.

2. If your problem is that you just don’t know what to say or how to strike up a conversation with your crush, start small. Think of anything that you have in common with them and make the most out of it. If you’re at school, ask a question about a class you share or if you have mutual friends, bring up something about them. The goal is to establish a bond and a jumping off point. From here, based on their response, you can steer the conversation to different topics. A long, heart to heart convo might not happen overnight, especially if you are virtual strangers.

3. Use technology as your wing man. These days, we’re all connected whether we like it or not. This means that your crush is probably your friend on Facebook, or you follow them on Twitter or instagram. Interacting with someone from behind a computer screen is a lot less stressful than walking up to them out of the blue. Start making your digital presence known. “Like” some of their photos and comment on a status or two. Retweet things that they say online that you like. Or, if you’re feeling particularly ballsy shoot them an email or say hello on g-chat. Sometimes you’ve got to be a bit aggressive to be noticed these days!

4. Take no for an answer. There’s being aggressive and then there is being annoying and psycho. If you try reaching out to your crush online and they don’t respond after a few attempts, or they delete or block you, back off. If you’ve tried reaching out to them in person and they always cut the conversation short, they might be trying to tell you that they aren’t interested.

5. SMILE. You know when you like someone so much that sometimes you act like you hate them? Yeah. Don’t do that. I know you’re nervous and you didn’t mean to ignore them when they smiled at you, or that you were too freaked out when they called you to answer the phone, but you’ve got to take control over your nerves. When you treat your crush like crap, they aren’t going to know it’s because you are secretly madly in love with them…they are going to think you can’t stand them. Smile, remain open and calm and stop playing games. You’ll get much better results with your crush when you keep it real.

Good luck!
Have you ever been intimidated by a crush? How did you handle it?