Getting Personal With Lucky Bloke

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to chat with Melissa White, the CEO of condom subscription company Lucky Bloke. One thing I really dig about Lucky Bloke is their mission to change how the world views condoms. My own views were so altered that I wrote an entire post about it! Before you go reading that though, lets get up close and personal with Lucky Bloke.

1. We love Lucky Bloke! How did the company get started?

First, thank you! It is great to be loved and we’re pretty crazy about We Love Dates and No Strings Dating too.

While the need for condoms is exponentially increasing, we realized that most condom users would prefer to never have to use condoms. Ever. Yet, we also realized, the majority of the sexually active people have never been taught about condom fit and how it directly relates to pleasure and safety.

Lucky Bloke is here to change that.

Now, the words “pleasure” and “condoms” together probably sound like an oxymoron to most people; however, generally, people don’t like using condoms because they’re either: wearing the wrong size condom, or have yet to find the brand and style most comfortable and pleasurable to them.

Lucky Bloke’s condom subscription service (with options for one-time or recurring monthly subscription purchase and with affordable international shipping) provides convenient access to the world’s most innovative condom brands and styles. This allows our customers the opportunity to explore a variety of the very best condoms and discover the condoms that properly fit and feel the best to them.

The result is dramatically heightened pleasure (and increased safety) for both partners.

2. What do you mean “the wrong sized condom”? You mean, they come in different sizes?!

Absolutely, there are three basic condom sizes! Now, most people aren’t aware of this because, generally, it isn’t talked about. In middle school or high school the one-sided conversation goes like this: “While we don’t condone you having sex, if you are going to, use a condom or you could die/your favorite parts will fall off / you will become a parent / all of the above. Put it on like this (and out comes a banana larger than most erect penises any of those students will ever see). The End.”

Combine that with the fact that conventional retailers do not offer all three sizes of condoms which further perpetuates the myth that one-size-fits-all.

Okay, so let’s arm you with a basic condom sizing primer:

(S)lim-fit – required by 30-35% of the condom wearing population

(M)edium or standard-fit – required by 50% of the condom wearing population

(L)arger – required by 15-20% of the condom wearing population

If you put a condom on and you feel like it is slipping around (or worse going to fall off inside of your partner…and this happens more often than you’d like to know…) you are wearing a condom that is too LARGE for you. Now if you didn’t know there were multiple condom sizes, and you thought all condom sizes were the same. You would hate wearing condoms. Do you know how much better sex is going to be for that couple when he is wearing a condom that fits properly? They can concentrate on one another, not the condom, and their pleasure is going to exponentially improve – not to mention their safety. Fantastic!

Now for gentlemen on the other end of the spectrum…If you put a condom on and you feel like it is seriously constricting you (this is more than just feeling snug, you are actually experiencing discomfort) you are wearing a condom that is too SMALL for you. Again, can you guess how much better sex is going to be for that couple when they have a proper fitting condom? It is going to be life changing. Especially as I am sure he spends a lot of time trying to talk his partner out of the condom because it hurts him.
And, most importantly, when wearing the right condom, he’s decreased the likelihood that the condom is going to break – and sometimes condoms break in many pieces! And, that is an experience that no one should have to suffer through.

3. When it comes to finding the right condom, what do you think is the biggest challenge?

Most condom users have only had easy access to the brands commonly stocked in drugstores and pharmacies such as Trojan (in the US), Lifestyles (Ansell in the UK), and Durex. And while each of the major manufacturers have a handful of decent styles – you cannot easily figure out which would work best for you just by reading the boxes.

Most people can’t afford to (or aren’t inclined to) go out and buy 30 different boxes of various condoms to use one, possibly discard the rest, and figure out which one they like best. Further, there are very innovative brands globally that are not as easy to come by. Often it is these other brands that offer a better fit and feel.

We’re currently running Mission: Great Sex! our Global Condom Review (with over 800 participants in 28 countries). It has completely validated our understanding in many ways.

Two applicable points to this question are:

1. One couple’s favorite condom – the one that makes their toes curl and experience through the roof pleasure…is another couple’s least favorite condom of all time…one they will never use again; and,

2. The condom you “think” you are going to love rarely matches with what you actually truly favor. Which makes it pretty difficult to choose a condom with logic. Instead you need to sample as many condoms as possible until you have your own personal “Eureka” moment. I cannot tell you how many participants were excited to try textured condoms, and then found out they preferred “ultra-thin” and vice versa.

Bottom-line, condom manufacturing is more innovative than ever before. Lucky Bloke carries the very best condoms offered in all three sizes. And if you are wearing the proper fitting condom, you are going to be shocked and delighted by the experience – and both safety and PLEASURE will be heightened.

4. What are some of Lucky Bloke’s best-selling products?

Customers love our Lucky Bloke Condom Sampler which we offer in all three sizes. Customers will often buy one sampler in two different sizes: (S)limfit and (M)edium OR (M)edium and (L)arger to explore different brands and fit to see what feels best. Our Ultimate Lube Sampler is also a big seller and allows people to explore what types of lubricant they most prefer.

5. Okay, let’s talk a little about lube.

Yes, lube! Lube is essential to increasing your sexual pleasure – especially where condoms are concerned. If a couple uses a few drops of lube inside of the condom and the amount that feels right to them on the outside, they are both going to notice a heightened pleasure. Imagine taking a dry latex glove and rubbing it across your arm. Ouch. Now imagine the same glove lubricated. Slick. Transfer the concept to your most sensitive areas and it is a no-brainer. Also, a well-lubricated condom is also a safer condom. Condoms with proper lubrication are less likely to break.

6. Your website says “Have more sex and save the world” – what does this mean?

Ah, the part closest to my heart. Lucky Bloke gives 10% of each and every sale (not just profits) to the critical humanitarian causes our customer selects. Our current choices include: UNICEF, charity: water, and It Gets Better Project. Have more Sex & Save the World! Indeed. Isn’t it pretty amazing what a little teamwork can do?! 😉

Whatever your adventure — we’ve got you covered!