4 Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

By: Elizabeth Marie |

What if I told you that there are certain things you can do to make just about anyone fall head over heels in love with you?  Now, obviously there will always be exceptions to the rule-this isn’t black magic…we aren’t casting any spells or forcing anyone to do anything against their will.  Although, wouldn’t that be fun?  The love spells, not the forcing 🙂

Anyway, there are a few techniques you can employ that will help nudge the love scale in your direction.   When used the right way, with the right person, you’ll be on your way to happily ever after in no time. But how do you make someone fall in love with you?

1. Make sure they always associate you with positive feelings.
Don’t make the mistake of playing hard to get or being distant in the beginning. When you spend time together, make sure it’s as fun and easy as possible. Get creative with your first date ideas! The goal-leave them wanting more! We don’t fall in love solely based on physical attraction-when you’re looking long term love, you’re more concerned with what kind of life you’d share. Don’t being drama, negativity or mood swings into the equation (not yet, at least!) People are attracted to positive energy, so keep smiling and focus on being the kind of fun person who people naturally flock to.

2. Don’t change who you are.
Many times, when we meet someone that we really like, we become consumed by them. We spend as much time as possible with them, and when we aren’t together we’re calling, texting, emailing and skyping…and if we aren’t doing any of that, you can bet that we’re thinking about them or talking about them. Whew! I’m exhausted already. It’s great to be excited about someone you like, it’s such an exciting feeling, but all that obsessing sure takes up a lot of time. Time that used to spent doing other things, with other people. Bottom line? Don’t alter your life too much for anyone. Your hobbies, your friends and family are all a part of you, and shouldn’t be chucked by the wayside. Maintaining your interests and relationships makes you even MORE attractive to the opposite sex.

3. Eye-contact, baby.
Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between how often a couple looks at each other in the eyes with how in love they are. When you’re flirting, use your eyes! The longer the looks, the stronger the love. Sounds crazy, right? Well, maybe, but why not at least try to use it to your advantage to make someone fall in love with you? When you look at someone often, it tricks their brain into thinking that they are in fact, in love with YOU, because our brain is hard wired to believe that looks=love. Try it!

4. Make your feelings known!
Give cupid a hand! Sometimes, simple is the best and most effective way to get someone to fall in love with you. I know for me personally that when men have expressed their feelings for me and caught me off guard, it’s encouraged me to see them in a different light. Perhaps I just never thought of them that way, or thought that they might be into me, so I didn’t give the thought of us together a chance and didn’t realize what a great guy was standing right in front of me! There are subtle ways to get your feelings across without sounding creepy or overbearing, so drop some hints and take note of how they’re received. Being honest and vulnerable in front of someone you care about can be scary, but also intensely rewarding.

So what about our readers, how do you make someone fall in love with you?