10 Things Your Instagram Photos Tell Your Date About You

By: Almie Rose |

We’ve all been there: we’re getting ready for a date and we decide to do a little internet sleuthing to get us up-to-speed on what our date is doing and what they’re about. You’ve probably got the proper privacy settings on your Facebook and aren’t afraid to show off your Linkedin profile (ha), but did you ever consider your Instagram and what that says about you? Here are 10 things your instagram photos tell your date about you.

1. Whether you’re an animal lover.

My Instagram is filled with photos of dogs and cats (and one baby tortoise). Anyone who wandered upon it would assume I am an animal lover, which I am. And I have no shame in being the crazy cat lady.

2. How popular you are.

And I don’t mean the number of Instagram followers, I mean, how many photos of you do you have with friends or of friends? It’s always nice to see people surrounded by friends. It gives you the sense of security of, “Hey, that guy’s okay.”

3. If you’re vain.

I would guess maybe one out of every 8-12 photos I post is a selfie. Is that a lot? I don’t care. I think selfies are good for the self esteem. I view it as a harmless little thing that perks me up when I’m down. Others are more weary of the selfie. If you’ve got too many (and what is too many, really, other than every other photo) you may want to think twice and exercise some selfie control, otherwise you come across as a liiiiitle vain.

4. What your hobbies are.

Maybe you read, and you Instagram photos of the book you’re currently reading. Or maybe you do sports. Or maybe, your hobby IS photography, and you’ve got lots of photos of cityscapes and birds and…whatever. What people CHOOSE to take photos of says as much about them as the photo itself. Are your hobbies on your Instagram? Your collections? Your passions? They might be (and yes, food is a passion.) Hey, speaking of food…

5. If you cook.

I think one of the sexiest things about men is if they have any kind of cooking skill. I try to cook as often as I can, and I like to post photos of my creations. It’s always a perk when your date can cook. No one has ever said, “Yeah they’re great, but…they make delicious food, all on their own, so it’s a no-go.” As if!

6. How close you are (or aren’t) with your family.

I also like a guy who gets along with his parents. Of course if you don’t post photos of yourself with your family, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not close with them; you may live far apart or maybe you’re protecting their privacy or whatever. But don’t be afraid to throw a photo of you as a kid with your dad for a throwback Thursday. It’s pretty damn endearing.

7. If you travel.

Photos of lots of vacations on Instagram can suggest a few things: that you travel for work, have a lot of time on your hands, have a lot of money on your hands, or that you’ve got serious wanderlust. None of these are bad things, though seeing a date prospect post lots of travel photos suggest to me that perhaps he doesn’t have time to date. Just something to think about.

8. What kind of music you’re into.

Yes, Instagram can actually reveal your musical preferences. People post photos from concerts, and video, too. Some people post photos of their record collections or take a screenshot of what they’re currently listening to on their phone. (Aren’t we all learning so much about Instagram??)

9. Your personal style.

And I don’t just mean your clothes, I mean your room/apartment as well. You can learn a lot about a person by seeing a photo of their room. Are they tidy? Organized? Creative? Nostalgic? Childish?

10. Your sense of humor.

There are ways to show your sense of humor through Instagram. I took a photo of me trying to be a dinosaur. That shows off my ~~quirky side~~. No, but seriously, are you someone who takes photos of funny graffiti? Or a silly T-shirt? Or just a photo of you making a goofy face? Having a strong sense of humor is a desirable trait in a potential date. Go through your Instagram feed and see if yours comes through.

Remember: what you CHOOSE to post says as much about you as what you don’t. Don’t ever reveal something you wouldn’t want a stranger to know or see, as you have no idea who is actually perusing your Instagram feed. That being said, have fun!

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