New Survey Shows 62% Of Men Would Choose Football Over Sex

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Happy World Cup finals day! No matter what country you’re in, England or otherwise, chances are you’ll be glued to the television today as the World Cup comes to a close. Ladies, if you’ve been a World Cup widow, cheers-you’re about to get your men back!
Our friends over at Smooch have surveyed 2000 single men and women to see how they feel about the World Cup and how the tournament has affected their dating life.

Of the 1000 men surveyed, found:

62% would choose football over sex (Wow!)
43% would prefer football over sex with their favourite celebrity
10% would choose football over winning the lottery
6% of men wouldn’t date someone who supported their rival football team
66% would take a date to a football match
35% of men don’t like football at all

Of the 1000 women surveyed, almost 10% of women in their thirties admitted to pretending to like the world cup to impress a guy and almost a fifth found themselves using more since the world cup was on TV.

The moral of the story? Most football obsessed single men will be out at a pub, sports bar or World Cup viewing party tomorrow, so if you’re a single woman, it’s definitely in your best interest to get thee to the pub also! You’ve got to go where the action is, football fan or not. Use these survey findings to your benefit-since almost half of the men polled would choose football over sex with a celebrity, it’s safe to say they take the sport pretty seriously. They will naturally be a lot more attracted to a woman who is also interested in the game (or at least tolerates it) versus a woman who complains and asks them to turn it off.

If you aren’t a football fan, the World Cup is still a great time to try out online dating. As the Smooch findings show, loads more women are online dating since the games have started, so you non-Football loving gents out there, this could be your lucky time to swoop in while all the other men are glued to the televisions at the bar!

See the infographic from Smooch below for more of their findings: