Forget the Church: Five Unusual Places to Get Married in the UK

By: Josie |

If you’re lucky enough to be getting married soon – or you just want to daydream about your future big day – you’ll no doubt want it to be a day that you’ll remember forever.

Forget the church or the registry office; there are a ton of brilliantly unusual places to get married all over the UK, places you’d never even think were possible.

Check these out for a wedding day like no other.

1. In an old swimming bath | Wood Green, London


Once upon a time, the Decorium in North London was simply a public swimming. These days, the neoclassical design and Roman-influenced architecture, is the perfect spot to get married. This elegant space boasts impressive columns and a magnificent foyer, brimming with the character and splendour of its past.

2. Atop a lighthouse | Dungeness Lighthouse, Kent


Make sure your wedding is one that can be seen for miles around…by tying the knot at the top of a lighthouse!  The Dungeness lighthouse in Kent is a Grade II listed building with beautiful views looking out over the English Channel. Space is intimately limited to just thirty guests, who can choose to watch your nuptials from the gallery or the bridge level.

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3. Down a mine | Poldark Mine, Cornwall

Poldark mine

The ultimate in intimate weddings, host yours in the depths of the earth: from inside a tin mine. It’s not as grimy as it sounds because ceremonies take place by romantic candlelight and only twenty guests can witness what feels like a beautiful secret. Have a big family? A claustrophobic aunt? Guests can also watch from the surface via a satellite video.

4. Under the sea | National Marine Aquarium, Devon


Sea creatures may not spring to mind when you picture your dream day but make like The Little Mermaid and fall in love under the sea. Although guests can’t actually get married on site, the National Marine Aquarium can host an extra special wedding reception – what better place to sip champagne than the depths of the mysterious ocean?

5. Among the dinosaurs | Great North Museum, Newcastle

Great north museum

If you’re a history fan then your luck’s in. The Great North Museum will host every part of your special day from the ceremony to buffets and drinks receptions. Every part of your day can take place in a different section of the museum, meaning you can get married with dinosaurs as your witness and then party the night away in the company of a crowd of Egyptians mummies.

Have you ever been to an unusual weddings?