25 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You To Say

By: Elizabeth Marie |

These are the top 25 things your boyfriend never wants to hear you say again.

1. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
Don’t put all the date planning responsibility on him. If there is something you want to do or eat, speak up!

2. “Don’t you wish there were more Twilight movies?”
No, no, no he doesn’t.

3. “Am I fat? Do I look fat? Do you think I’ve gained weight?”
This is one big lose/lose situation and he knows it. This question never ends well.

4. “I think I’m pmsing.”
And you wonder why all of a sudden he said he couldn’t hang out…

5. “Tell me the truth…”
If you want to ask him a question, just ask, there is no need to quantify it first.

6. “Hey, can we talk?”
He’s your boyfriend, you can always talk-asking for a conversation appointment will probably freak him out.

7. “Where were you last night?”
Immediately, this puts him on the defensive.

8. “My ex wants to have dinner.”
Awwww…now your boyfriend is sad.

9. “I think we should do a juice cleanse!”
Unless it’s carne asada burrito flavored juice, don’t make him do a juice cleanse, or eat raw food for a week, or only invite him to vegan restaurants.

10. “The girls want to have dinner, do you want to come?”
No matter how cool your friends are, he still probably doesn’t LOVE hanging out with them…and that’s ok.

11. “Prove to me that you love me.”
Love isn’t something you “prove”, and saying this to a guy can make him feel like he’s below you.

12. “Let’s watch the Bachelor!”
Or TOWIE, Say Yes to the Dress, etc. Come on, do you get butterflies of happiness when he suggests watching football? Probably not.

13. “Why don’t you put any photos of me on your Instagram?”
His likely response? “Who cares about Instagram?”

14. “Tell me about your ex-girlfriends.”
Nope, nope, nope…abort mission, this is a trap!

15. “I was so unhappy until I met you.”
It might sound romantic in your head, but no guy wants to be the sole reason for your happiness, it’s way too much pressure.

16. “If you really loved me you’d…”
Again with the proving-stop it!

17. “My dad wants to talk to you.”
Always nerve-racking to hear, no matter what.

18. “I’ve slept with A LOT of guys.”
It’s great that you can be honest with your sexual history, but no man likes to picture the woman he loves in bed with other dudes, over and over again.

19. “That girl is so ugly/fat/stupid.”
Haters to the left! Knocking down other females in front of your boyfriend only makes you seem very insecure. You don’t have to sing the praises of every woman you see, but you don’t need to insult them either.

20. “I don’t really like your friends.”
Guess what? He probably doesn’t really like your friends, and they aren’t going anywhere are they? Unless his friends are absolutely horrible human beings, suck it up, smile and encourage him to spend time alone with his boys.

21. “Where is this relationship going? I really need to know right now.”
You need to know right now or what? When a guy hears this, he see’s an ultimatum in his future and probably gets the urge to run for the hills.

22. “Why won’t you marry me?”
Begging a man to put a ring on it won’t guarantee that he ever will-in fact, it just may do the opposite.

23. “Let’s go shopping.”
FUNNNN said no guy, ever.

24. “I can’t believe you’re eating that…”
Hey Judgey Mcjudgerson! Let the man eat in peace.

25. “Would you fight for me if we broke up?”
Consider why you are asking this. Do you feel like he doesn’t care and are looking for some reassurance? Instead of threatening a break-up, tell him how you really feel.

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