Where to Look for the World’s Most Romantic Men

By: Josie |


Let’s face it, some men just don’t have a romantic bone hidden anywhere in their body – but is it simply a matter of bad geography? From Latin lovers to English gentlemen, your ideal date is out there somewhere…you’ve just got to head to the right country! Here’s where to start looking for the most romantic men on earth.

5. USA

Maybe it’s all those rom-coms that are on the big screen all over America, or maybe its that intrinsic confidence they’ve grown up with. Whatever the case, those US guys sure know a thing or two about wooing a lady. From candles to flowers, chocolates to lavishly thought out dates, American guys are all about the romantic gestures to prove their love. Just look at how big a deal Valentine’s Day is and you’ll get the idea!

4. Sweden

If you consider yourself an ultra modern-day woman but you’ve still got that little weak spot for romance, a Swedish man may be just the answer. Hailing from a country so big on gender equality, the Swedish man makes for a perfectly fair and understanding partner, happy to dish out the romance without the misogyny. And let’s not forget: those Scandinavian good looks don’t hurt either.

3. Spain

Call them hot blooded, passionate or lively, the Spanish aim mighty high on the list of ultimate lovers. With the spirit of love and passion running through their veins, Spaniards are endlessly charming, effortlessly confident and undeniably romantic. With all that delicious food, good wine, endless fiesta and untameable spirit at their fingertips, it’s no wonder lovers are falling at their feet.

2. France

We all know that Paris is the most romantic city in the world – and so, of course it makes perfect sense that its residents are just as keen on all that love stuff. France is the home of the French kiss, of moonlit seduction and meaningful conversation over a bottle of le vin rouge. French men certainly know their stuff when it comes to romance. After all, they call French the language of love for a reason!

1. Italy

The birthplace of  Casanova, the greatest lover the world has even seen. The home of the unbeatably romantic Venice, Rome, Florence….need we go on? Italian men sail straight to the top of the lovers list, without a moment’s doubt. What’s more, the word “romance” originally meant anything from or about Rome – meaning that technically, all of the world’s romance began in Rome. And you can’t argue fairer than that.

Are you ready to find some romance?