11 Reasons Why American Women Are So Obsessed With Prince Harry

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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While Americans in general are known to be enraptured with the British Royal Family, dare I say that Prince Harry is having a moment? He is on the cover of US Weekly almost as often as Beyonce, and everyone from my hairstylist to my mom has mentioned how good-looking he is. The completely ridiculous “I Wanna Marry Harry” show debuts this week, in which innocent (and blind?) American girls compete for the chance to date a ginger haired English fellow whom they think is Prince Harry. Spoiler alert-he’s not. So yes, I’d say that Prince Harry is pretty popular in America right now, and here are the top eleven reasons why.

1. We don’t have anyone who is remotely close to compare him too.
Since there isn’t a US equivalent to the Royal Family, we American girls have to look overseas to find a true Prince to lust after. We totally romanticize the whole Royal thing in our minds, and since we probably watched way too many Disney movies growing up, we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in a Fairytale. But come on, you can’t really blame us, we have nothing to work with over here. Who would be the US equivalent? Rob Kardashian? Please.


2. This GIF. This Moment. This.Is.Everything.
3. The Red Hair Thing.
Katy Perry said it best-“Prince Harry is a hot ginger, isn’t he?” Yes, he most definitely is.
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS6lyzuW1W8 [/youtube]


4. He Gives Back.
Prince Harry always looks like he’s having a blast at charity events, and nothing is sexier than a man who seems to genuinely care about those who are less fortunate.
Prince H1


5. He is Great With Kids.
Oh my ovaries! I can’t handle this…that sound you hear? Is them exploding.
Prince H2


6. He Fought For His Country.
Harry chose a military career, and was deployed to Afghanistan twice. Basically, he’s a badass who could have stayed “safe” in some royal office position but decided to serve on the front lines along with loads of other heroes.


7. He Knows How To Have a Good Time.
Dare I say that it appears Prince Harry knows how to party? No stuffy Royal behavior here. Harry seems like the kind of guy I’d love to have around for a low-key game night or a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.
Britain's Prince Harry drinks a hibiscus rum punch at a street party in Belmopan, Belize


8. Dance Moves Like This.
Harry dancing

And This.

9. His First Tweet Was Adorable.
Prince Harry uses social media for good! He sent out his first tweet this week, and it was in support of the Invictus Games, which helps support injured servicemen. His tweet says: “Hope everyone will get behind #invictusgames. Great opportunity to support and thank the men and women who have given so much. Harry.” In a sea of dudes tweeting photos of their pizza or yelling at their favorite sports teams, this is a breath of social media fresh air.

10. He Looks Like This Holding a Puppy.

11. He’s Single Again.
Not that I’m saying there’s a chance (there isn’t!), but, hey…a girl can dream, right?

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