The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week – May 9th 2014

Hello We Love Daters! It’s been a busy week on the internet with tons of great content about love, dating and relationships. To get you prepped for your weekend, here’s a few of our favorite articles from the past week –

1. We’ve all been there – the person you’re interested in just suddenly stops texting you. A Dating Coach explains why this might have happened. (Your Tango)

2. Love this! If you’re addicted to reality TV shows, here’s 82 thoughts every boyfriend has had while watching Bravo (Buzzfeed)

3. Think you may have feelings for a platonic friend? Here’s 15 signs you’ve fallen in love with your BFF (Elite Daily)

4. Spring has sprung which means it might be time to go out and find a “spring fling”…or not. This article explains the Ins and Outs of spring flings. (The Frisky)

5. Think it doesn’t matter what you eat on a first date? Think again! Here’s why you should splurge on expensive food for a first date. (The Date Report)

6. We do love a crazy hook-up story – especially when it involves joining the Mile High club and epic embarrassment. Here’s one for the books. (Cosmopolitan)

7. Is it possible that your mother is better at online dating than you are? (xoJane)

8. It’s undeniable that first impressions matter. Here’s 4 flirty ways to grab his attention in 4 minutes or less. (Betty Confidential)

9. If you find that breakups always take a toll on your health and wellness you need to read this. Here’s how to get through a break-up the healthy way. (Patti Knows)

10. Should you date your co-worker? One author weighs in on the pros and cons of meeting someone at work. (Betty Confidential)

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