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What Is Alternative Dating?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

So what is Alternative Dating, anyway? Ashley from WeLoveDates Alternative Dating explains what this latest dating phenomenon is all about-and how you can get involved, too!

Video Transcription
Hey guys. So I know online dating can sometimes be tough. Any dating could be tough, I guess. But it’s even harder when you can’t find people that are… well, like you. That’s where Alternative Dating comes in. WeLoveDates Alternative Dating is for anybody nontraditional. Whether you’re into tattoos, piercings, mustaches, you’re emo, goth, punk, or none of the above and you just want to meet somebody new, which is awesome. It’s just a fun, judge-free zone where you can find people that wear the same fashions or listen to the same music or just live the same lifestyle you do. So no more having to search through a whole bunch of profiles of people you’re just not interested in. It’s only the people that you would like to meet. So happy hunting.

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